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You are standing by a tree star star star emptystar emptystar

There are 3 paths.


One appears to go to a jungle,
one appears to go to a cave,
one appears to go to a beach,
you could try and climb the tree,
there is a nearby shop you could go in,
or you could do something else.


So what's its going to be?

Illustrated by Catprog

Written by catprog on 01 April 2003

In the shop star halfstar emptystar emptystar emptystar

There is a table with a sign saying

<strong>Free Sample:</strong>
Take one


On the table there is a fridge with a range of liquids. Also on the table are various magical trinkets including costumes. What would you like to take, or would you like to buy something?

Written by catprog on 10 April 2003

Other star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to get something else. But what?

Written by catprog on 13 December 2005

A lamp star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You take a lamp. Now what are you going to do with it?

Written by catprog on 05 March 2004

Transformation Genie star star star emptystar emptystar

Just then, a huge puff of green smoke appears.


The smoke forms the shape of a humanoid, then finally materializes into a turquoise-skinned man who appears to be about 25 years old. You quiver with fear, staring at him (after all, you're not used to seeing turquoise-skinned men appear out of lamps).


"Who has rubbed the lamp of the Genie of Transformation?", the man asks in a light, yet stern voice.


"I-I did", you answer softly.


He steps closer to you and bows. "Thank You, Master, Thank You!", he says as he kneels to you.




He stands. "Yes", he says. "You have released me from the Lamp, and now you may have three wishes.


The wishes carry certain limitations, however..."


"Yes, like what?", you ask again, almost bursting with excitement (having your own genie and all).


"First, there are only three wishes, no more and no less, and this may not be changed by any wishes made. Second, all wishes made by the master should be precisely worded. If the wish is too vague, then I shall choose the remaining factors of the wish. And third, all wishes must be related to the change of the master, or of someone else that the master chooses. In other words, all wishes must be transformative."


Well what are you going to wish for?

Written by on 11 March 2004

I don't need a **** Transformation star star emptystar emptystar emptystar

"I don't need a transformation thank you very much," you say. "I am perfectly happy as a human". "You can take your conditional wishes elsewhere, you ****".


The genie's eyes widen. "You are going to regret mocking me". " You don't want a transformation, too bad you're getting one.




Written by on 18 May 2004

Park star halfstar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"You are going to my animal park and help with the breeding programs" booms the genie.


All of a sudden a portal appears and sucks you in.As you go through you get knocked out.


When you awake your in...

Written by on 22 May 2004

Myth Room star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You awaken in a room with 3 doors.


Each door has a word inscribed on it.


And Water


Which one do you want?

Written by on 27 July 2004

Land star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You go through the door. You step out onto Land.


You try to get back to the door but to your horror it has gone.


You then notice you are changing but to what?

Written by on 27 July 2004

Hydra emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

A genie’s magic is something ancient, far older than even elven sorcery. Their spells are no mere incantations or arcane formulae that bends reality, but a force of nature capable of reshaping and altering reality at a fundamental level.


His power is a blistering maelstrom that blows over your body, energetic and penetrating, rousing your soul away from your body. It surpasses the material world and drags you into an existence of impossible forms and black-green dreams. Trying to resist it is useless, it shapes your soul into something new, igniting it with an intense energy. The magic remakes you into something inhuman and powerful.


“Such hubris and ignorance,” the genie chastised you. “But at least humans are easy enough to shape, their flesh is so pliant.”


You close your eyes tightly as arcane energy seeped from your soul into your body. Flesh and bone give away under his control, barely a touch of his magic is needed to give your body new instructions of how it should be, how it always was. Your body was driven into overdrive, cells quickly multiplying and changing to conform to your new form, fueled by the genie’s powerful and strange magics.


You were a warrior, an adventurer, a human. Not anymore.


Heat washed over your body, coursed through your veins, from the tips of your fingers to your very beating heart. Your clothes were suddenly too tight, too constricting, digging into your sweat-drenched skin.


You opened your eyes and the world is too bright, you blink several times your slit pupiled, unnaturally green eyes. The night air is abruptly filled with all kinds of strange scents as you breath in, the smells of the trees and night flowers are pleasing and welcoming, but above them there are the acrid smells of humans living, and building, and killing, and shitting all around you.


Your body is only a shell around your mind and soul, being redone to accept something much more complex and deeply powerful. It’s a redefinition of you and everything that makes you human… No, you are not human anymore that’s for sure.


What do you see when you look at your hands? What’s growing under your skin, waiting to be set free?


Overwhelmed by these new sensations you fell to your knees. In front of your eyes your hands grow, splitting the skin and exposing dark, glossy scales underneath. Bone and sinew warping made your hands into large paws, ripped open your leather gloves. From the tip of each of your four fingers your nails grew into inch-long claws that are as dark as your scales.


“What isss happening?” You hissed the words, your tongue was now thin, dark, whip-like, and forked. This new tongue pressed against your teeth, now growing into vicious fangs.


“You disdain my gifts,” the genie explained calmly. “You offer me no courtesy or hospitality! If you wish to act like a beast, then a beast you will be!”


“I’ll make the wishes!” You still tried to plead with the genie. “I wish to be human! Any human, just stop this!”


“That’s simple enough, just a clap of my fingers and in the blink of an eye you would be walking on two legs with your opposable thumbs, and highly-developed cortex lobes… But there’s a little problem. My contract only binds me to obey the wishes of humans,” the genie grinned, slowly returning to his bottle and leaving you alone.


Your skin ripped and broke apart, no more capable of containing your growing body. It came out dried and dead; under it scales grew and hardened, spreading over your body in irregular patches. Black and glossy, but as hard as steel. Gasping for air, not of exhaustion, but out of some innate desire you filled your lungs and from your throat came a hard, primal roar.

Written by Ashley Natter on 02 April 2021

Run emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“Monster!” The owner of the store screamed pointing at you and soon the screams are being replicated through the village. Torches were lit and an alarm bell wailed.


You raised your hands in a signal of peace, but the sight of your large claws only made the peasant run away screaming for his life. You looked around desperate for help, knowing that with some luck the blessing of a priest could undo these curses, but all you can see is the angry and scared faces of the villagers hiding inside their houses, desperately clutching their farming tools.


The first arrow landed just near your feet, shot by a shaking soldier wearing only a shoddy uniform and a couple pieces of old, dinged metal armor. Behind him stood at least a dozen militia carrying their shabby weapons with rusted blades and dented shields. There were even a couple of enthusiastic old veterans carrying their swords after way too many years only holding the hoe.


You wanted to try and explain, and maybe that would have worked if your voice didn’t come out like a low roar and clicks that had little resemblance to any human tongue. You wanted some time to think and find a way to just make sense of everything that was happening. But the villagers kept coming closer, their weapons looking suddenly way too sharp and their eyes way too murderous.


You took a deep breath and smelled their cold fear, then exhaled some of your humanity.


You jump to your feet and hit the ground running, bare feet slapping against the wet soil as you raced out of the village chased off by the angry mob.


Your body carried with amazing speed. Too light, too strong. Effortlessly you closed the distance to the village gate and forced it open. The log holding it closed shattered.


With you outside of the village the peasants broke their pursuit, no one felt brave enough to venture into the forest in the middle of night. They were sure that either you would end up as prey to some of the strange creatures that lived in the forest or as a trophy to the monster hunters. Either way, you weren’t their problem anymore.


The dark forest, once a place of so much fear and darkness, was now welcoming. The smells were known to you, their identities revealed to you in a haze of half-remembered memories that weren’t yours, at least not yet.


These were simple desires, your instincts. So much easier now, not? Just let them guide you, awaken your more deep, feral needs.


So much easier now to let go of all humanity, in the forest you can truly connect with your instincts, feeling them flow through your blood. They grow in power, they become a part of you.


Eyes again struggling to focus, you blink hard, trying to find something to focus on. Your feet give up under you, spasming as muscles and tendons weaved themselves anew.


Your body unfurls with a series of creaks and pops, you breath in the cold air and let out a roar. From the base of your spine bone grew, quickly tied by tendons and muscles into two long and thick tails that ended in bony spikes.


Your head turned in a neck that was now too long, more flexible too. Your tails lashed wildly, hit the trees with impressive strength, dark scales now covering them until they seemed to disappear in the night.


Ideas and concepts unfolded into your mind, pushing back against your humanity. Images pulsed and formed into coherence, the knowledge you needed to move your tails, to move your new muscles.


And it grows inside of you, this understanding of your body, the understanding of your very soul. Accepting it all just makes it easier, your legs grow stronger, your scales become thicker, your muscles grow with power.


When there was no conflict, you felt the euphoria.


There’s a beastly beauty in your body, a fascinating and terrible strength in every move. Your dark scales shine even under the dim moonlight, your slitted green eyes can pierce the darkness, and your snout picked up the reverie of smells of the forest.


You are a Hydra, the word becomes you, a creature of destructive power and incredible regeneration.


Your eyes snapped open with newfound understanding, you change your posture letting your body walk on all fours as it should from the beginning. Covered in dark scales, you are a part of the night, your eyes make even the dim light of the moon enough to hunter prey. Your reptilian body wiry with corded muscles under your scales, deceitfully agile and dreadfully strong.


Your forepaws had four fingers ending in long claws, one of them in opposition to the other three; your hind paws had three fingers that came to blunt claws, with a backward-facing, razor-sharp dewclaw. Your neck was long, serpentine, it gave you a better view of the forest and agile enough to track a hummingbird in flight.


Something large stood in front of you, attracted by all the noise and the strange smells. It smelled acrid, acidic, corrupted. It was once a wolf, large and imponent, but now corrupted by the arcane filthy coming out of the human’s settlements. Already half-dead, a parody of life with bony spines growing out of pestilent wounds on its back and his mouth is full of large fangs that drip with unclean blood. You felt its pain even as you felt its rage.

Written by Ashley Natter on 04 April 2021

Attack emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

He roared and the night went silent, frogs and insects suddenly going quiet as the wolf charged, its head lowered, wicked fangs pointed at you. You tried to dodge, but the fangs opened a deep cut on your neck, it spilled blood and left your vision twisting.


The strange wolf readied for another charge, but ferocity unfolded inside of your mind.


There’s more of you. More thoughts, more ideas, more violence. Your wound closed, but your power was greater than that, it gave you the need to survive, but also to grow. A second head grew out of the base of your neck, bones and sinews and flesh and veins, all rising at once.


Your thoughts multiply, it was you, but at the same time it’s ferocious, it’s violent, and primal in a way you couldn’t replicate. This predator didn’t roar, but hissed menacingly, two long fangs unsheathed in his mouth, dripping with poison like some form of viper.


“Kill,” he hissed lowly, the long neck coiling into a strike position more like a snake.


The wolf charged and now your body moved faster, the grace and agility of a natural-born hunter. You stepped aside and this predator stroke in a burst of speed, the long fangs piercing the corrupted flesh and injecting his poison in barely the blink of an eye.


You followed suite, biting down on the corrupted beast. Your fangs break the flesh with a hideous give, the beast’s blood filled your mouth with a red flavor that was sweeter than any wine, more tantalizing than the best meals you ever had before. The taste was stronger and more real than anything before.


The wolf still screamed as the poison coursing through his veins destroyed his blood, as your powerful fangs broke his flesh. It takes mere moments for the beast to go quiet and you stood over it, victorious, licking the blood out of your muzzle.


Biting down on the still warm flesh was just too good. All the alterations in your body left you starved and, consumed by the desires of the Predator, you eat it raw. There was not even time to care about whatever might have polluted the flesh of this creature. You just pulled free large chunks of it and eagerly devoured it. And you grew, with each bite, with each gulp of the defeated beast you grew in size and power.


You found your way through the forest, across the old trails, and paths only used by animals until you found the temple. Out of place and time, a building of stone and dark iron, half buried in the soggy marshes.

Written by Ashley Natter on 06 April 2021

Goblins emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

A glorious creation of time immemorial, still glowing softly with strange magics that protected it from time and the elements. You take the steps one by one, the stone covered by green and black mold, the once regal door frame was forced out of its hinges, the wood rotten and breaking down under its own weight.


Inside, two creatures watched you through big, yellow eyes. They were small in comparison to you, but then very little else could match your height now. They moved cautiously as if afraid of catching too much of your attention, and with their long limbs they carry weapons of wood and stone, their green skin almost blended amidst all that mold.


Goblins, you remember from that distant dream of being a human, mostly considered a plague and invasive species by adventurers. They dwelled in the deep jungles, often taking over ruins of other species and reappropriating them to their own uses. Industrious little creatures, reaching about three feet tall, with long, sharp ears, and yellow eyes. They rarely posed danger in open confrontation with humans, but were adepts at ambushes, traps, and other devious tactics.


You let them be, there was nothing they could do for you now and maybe with some rest you will feel better and ready to start making sense of it all.


They twitched and moved slightly with every step you took into the temple, but those funky little creatures were more curious than worried you would end up eating one of them. They kept to their hideout, but you could see them talking to each other in whispered and emphatic hand gestures; pointing and gesticulating towards you.


Then at once they scattered away through the vines, disappeared amidst the mold as you heard the distinct sounds of booted steps coming through the door.


“There’s a big monster here, lads!” A man wearing metal armor and a long sword in hand calls back.


“You will make a perfect trophy, beast” He gloated, taking the sword in both hands and charging ahead without waiting for his friends, like an idiot. “I came here looking to collect some goblin’s ears, but you are a much bigger prize! I’ll become the knight of Hydra when I’m done with you!”

Written by Ashley Natter on 08 April 2021

Retreat emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Covered in steel, he fought as if he was invincible. He charged recklessly with the sword pointed at your heart, batting away your heads with the two-handed sword. You retreated instinctively, trying to keep a distance, but still unfamiliar to the weight and shape of your body, the blade of his long sword found you.


Your blood was spilled on the floor and the human laughed out loud, knowing his victory was only a matter of time. The Predator attacked, neck uncoiling frighteningly fast, but the human smashed the pommel of his sword against the head, broke his fangs in a single move that sent waves of pain going through your whole body.


Why are you still trying to force your control? Don’t try to think, don’t even try to remember whatever passed for humanity.


He pressed the advantage and it hurt like hell, each stroke of his blade drawing blood, going deeper into your flesh, opening new holes in your scales. This wannabe knight may have been an idiot, but unfortunately, he had the strength and technique to back it up.


You busted into a nearby room, your body breaking through the rotten wood and getting a bunch of splinters going under your scales in the process. The wannabe knight came right after you, sword in a high guard for a killing strike.


Stop fighting it, you dumb reptile! You really wanted to be human so badly you were going to keep holding to it right until this asshole in metal armor cut your head, stuffed it, and dangled it on top of his fireplace?


There was less light inside of this room, this mattered less for your new eyes, but the human had troubles following your movements. Your dark scales blended with the night and your serpentine movements were harder to track.

Written by Ashley Natter on 11 April 2021

Attack emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Not that he was going to make it easy, with a strong feet game he kept moving and deflecting your attacks with his long blade. Coming towards you with every movement and every strike going deeper.


“Now it’s your end, beast!” The human laughed and darted forward with surgical, exact thrust. His sword was like a needle in that moment, breaking your scales, rupturing your muscles and only missing your heart by a couple of inches. Blood gushed out of the wound and in that moment of panic you finally let go.


He removed the sword with a swift movement and stepped back, raising it with both hands to bring the heavy blade down and end you for once.


That was his mistake.


Drunk on his premature victory, he held his sword like a butcher ready to bring it down against you with all his strength, but leaving his chest exposed, thrusting you couldn’t pierce his metal armor. He never saw your tails moving through the darkness, the bony spikes striking deadly fast, piercing the metal armor and pinning him against the wall. One against his right shoulder and the other to his neck.


And you took a relieved breath as the human stopped moving, pulling out your tails with some difficulty out of the rotten pieces of wood. It was with some relief you saw your wounds already had stopped bleeding, your regenerative powers kicking in so at least you wouldn’t die of blood loss. The downside was now a demanding hunger.


You walked back into the temple’s entrance thinking about going out to hunt something really fat and preferably incredibly slow, maybe a cow or a pig? You were sure there were a couple of farms around, and after that human tried to kill you, the least they could do was to provide you with some food.

Written by Ashley Natter on 13 April 2021

More Humans emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

But all your dreams of food and rest were crushed by a human scream.


“The hydra killed the captain!” A soldier by the entrance of the temple screamed, evidently lower class than their captain, wearing simple leather armor and carrying a spear and shield. “Kill the monster!”


Rest and food would have to wait, you grunt angry as the soldiers poured inside the room. They all wore matching sets of leather armor engraved with a draconic skull and two crossed spears, the famous symbol of the monster hunting guild.


You were so fucked.


They carried long spears with barbed blades forged specially to deal with monsters capable of regenerating, made in such a way that their tips would break inside the creature’s flesh so it couldn’t heal itself properly. A couple of them also carried big, weighted nets.


These were trained specialists, not looking for glory, but a big payout. They kept their distance and moved as a single coordinated unit, their shields held high to protect each other, and their spears keeping you at bay with probing attacks. They used their nets against your legs and necks, trying to tangle them.


Their strikes were quick and economical, keeping you back and on the defense. Their barbed spears reached under your scales, plunged deep into any weak point they could find. Their nets were sewn with wicked hooks in them to constrict and bleed you.


You shuddered back, incapable of finding any opening in their formation, backing against the wall to avoid the net from tangling your paws. One of the spears plunged deep against your left neck and that predatorial side of you hissed with the pain, striking forward with a powerful bite, but they were ready for that. Quickly raising their shields and tangling your viper’s mouth with a net.


You pull out the net with your claws, but the barbed hooks dug deep into your scales, cut one of your eyes. Both of you roar in defiance. This time it doesn’t stop them, it gives them the impetus to keep moving and striking. You try to bite and claw at them, but their spears outrange you, they keep your back to the wall and continue prodding for weaknesses.

Written by Ashley Natter on 15 April 2021

Goblins attack emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“Kill the invaders!” You heard their scream, coming from your left, but can barely believe in the goblins coming through the breaches in the ruins like a small army. They wear no armor and come armed with blowguns and sharp obsidian blades.


The soldiers were stunned for a moment of surprise, but they had trained all their lives to slay monsters and responded with cold professionalism. They quickly divided themselves in two shield lines to deal with both threats at once. The soldiers facing the goblins dropped their spears and unsheathed their swords.


Leading the charge comes a female goblin, her skin of a deep dark green and her ears pierced multiple times with bone studs. She carried no weapon, but as soon as she came in the range of the human’s swords, she threw a handful of ashes towards the humans. This confused them for a moment, but they kept their eyes focused on the enemies and their swords readied. With a whispered magical word from the goblin the ashes exploded in dark smoke.


The humans coughed and covered their eyes from the acrid smoke, but it seemed to have little effect on the goblins. Their big yellow eyes could see through the smoke and small as they were, the goblin’s blades were wicked sharp. Used to fighting creatures bigger than them, the goblins climbed and tumbled through the humans, searching for gaps in their armor where their blades could easily cut the flesh.


Now, with the soldiers having their attention divided the battle turns in your favor. You strike with brutal, quick bites that break their spears, and wreck their shields. The goblins navigate with grace through the battle, their obsidian blades spilling blood, and their darts going for eyes.


Without more conflict in your mind, you reached harmony with your body. The Predator is just an extension of your rage, you are just an extension of his cunning. Both tails lashed eagerly, their bony spikes rattling against the stone walls.


In the enclosed space the humans still had the advantage, their formation was divided, but they remained strong in their feet and their shields raised high. Still, there was fear growing in their minds, the changing numbers weren’t in their favor and suddenly this all seemed much more work than it was worth it.

Written by Ashley Natter on 18 April 2021

Victory emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

While you kept the three of them at bay with feinting bites, the viper head attacked in quick bursts, his regrown fangs could go all the way through their leather armor and even a small dose of his poison would prove fatal for a human. You don’t manage to bit anyone, but the simple fear of it is enough for them to break the formation.


With their shield wall broken, you slam your body against them, your tails lashing angrily to keep them from reorganizing. Your claws broke their spears before they could put the distance they so desperately needed to properly use them. Some of them still tried to unsheathe their swords, but with the goblins coming from the other side and you looming amidst the dark smoke like an ancient beast of nightmares, they decided their best course of action was to just run away.


It takes you a moment to understand that the battle was over as the last humans escaped, your heart still thundering, the crash of adrenaline making your body as heavy as lead. The goblins surrounding screamed and danced with their victory, quickly savaging the human bodies for whatever they were worth and tossing them out of the temple when they were done.


There was no doubt in the minds of the goblins that you would take part in their celebration. More of their numbers quickly appeared through the cracks bringing in, in no specific order, barrels of ale, meat, and medical supplies.


The little creatures were eager to involve you in their celebrations, first by offering you tasty morsels of worms grilled above an open fire and seasoned with dried herbs and a selection of strange, pale vegetables cooked with fat pieces of bacon. While your own reaction was a cautious disgust of their cuisine, your other head had no qualms about devouring a couple of fatty worms and licked clean a plate of vegetables.

Written by Ashley Natter on 20 April 2021

Healing emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

The predator aspect wasn’t a clean eater, tearing off large chunks of worm’s meat and gulping them down, scattering bits of flesh and juices all over the floor. He took a special taste for smaller worms that he could swallow whole.


Then comes the medicine. The same female goblin that led the charge now took the lead applying foul smelling tinctures and unguents to the wounded warriors. Goblin physiology seemed to be incredibly robust, with even some of the more wounded able to walk around and eat their own weight in worm meat with just some help from the herbalist.


“I’m Lickwounds,” their herbalist said while pulling a couple of flasks from her pouch. “Healer, midwife, and occasional alchemist. This will be unpleasant, but we need to clean those wounds, those nasty hunters love to coat their blades with all kinds of nasty stuff.”


She took out a red, oily potion out of her satchel and uncorked it with her teeth before pouring some over the wounds on your paws. The liquid touched you with a burning, stinging sensation that made you grunt angrily.


“Calm, calm,” she whispered with a voice used to calm the wounded. “If it’s burning it’s because you are healing.”


You grunted discontent, but doing your best to keep quiet. She climbed all over you with surprising ease to spread the medicine over your many wounds and pulled out pieces of metal and broken scales.


“It lets them regrow proper,” she explained while pulling out a piece of scale embedded with a metal hook. “If I don’t, they become twisted! You get callus and then it hurts to move!”


Nearing three foot eleven she was tall for her species and spoke with the confidence of old age. She was followed by a gargle of younger goblins that watched her with great respect and served as helpers and nurses.

Written by Ashley Natter on 22 April 2021

Sleeping emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As the night progressed, they broke open their barrels of ale. The golden mixture was poured in a collection of mugs, some of them proper mugs you could guess they had taken from somewhere, but most of them handcrafted ones made out of pieces of armor, furniture, and bones. They cheered and sang happy tunes in a quick tongue you can barely follow, but their content was clear enough: They had triumphed over the invaders, now their bellies were full, and their hearts were strong.


Four of the goblin warriors dragged an entire barrel towards. You are not sure if you could drink it or if it would have been a good idea, but the Predator aspect plunges his head in the barrel, drinking in long, thirsty gulps, then raising his head with the barrel stuck to it. The goblins laughed and brought more ale towards you, while their songs went from animated to a slow, calming cadence.


You can’t help, but feel the inebriating effects of the alcohol mixing in with the painkiller medicine Lickwound had administered, getting you dizzy way too quickly.


Whatever had been in Lickwound’s remedies they seemed to work. After the burning sensation was gone, they left your body tingly and light, the pain becoming only a distant memory. It’s easy to relax and let the drunk singing of the goblins lull you into a comforting and heavy slumber

Written by Ashley Natter on 25 April 2021

Exploring emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Morning comes with the strange sounds of birds crowning and the smells of a hearty breakfast. Goblin cuisine continued to be as strange as it was fat, six goblins around the fire cooked deep fried spider eggs, a generous helping of crushed beetles mashed into a thick paste they ate with pieces of dark bread.


They pour large portions in front of you on what appears to be a human helm turned into a plate, plus a bucket full of fresh water they carry from the depths of the ruins with an ingenious system of pulleys and pipes. It tastes refreshingly cold, but with a mineral aftertaste that you prefer not to think too much about.


After breakfast, Lickwounds came over again to check on your wounds and brought with her a bunch of young goblins carrying buckets and mops. They climb all over your body, pouring water and a mixture of ashes over your scales, using all the force they could muster to brush you down. They cleaned you of the last remains of dried human skin and stretched fabric that still clung to your body, picking out the splinters that had dug under your scales, and even polishing your claws. You relax and was almost purring with their massage, while the Predator was happily devouring more of the fried spider eggs and some strange blue fruits the goblins had brought from the depths of the ruins.


The sun was high in the sky when you are left alone by the goblins and even though just basking in the sun and sleeping off the events of the last days seemed a particularly tempting choice, you decided to walk the ruins and make sure you knew this new place before more humans decided to come hunting.


The lower levels were thankfully built in ample, open spaces connected by small tunnels and passages. You had to squeeze through some of the corridors, obviously never intended for a creature of your size. Descending through the levels seemed much easier for the goblins, they had excavated small tunnels to move quickly through the levels and with a complex system of ropes and cranes they could even move material and goblins through the levels with surprising speed.


The floors were wide, the walls decorated with vibratingly colorful goblin art. There were no torches to light up the path, but neither you nor the goblins seemed too bothered by the darkness. Some patches of bioluminescent fungi grew on the ceiling, but by what you could see the goblins mainly used those for making ale.


You looked through the ruins with four eyes and two minds. You could see and understand what were habitations, defensive positions, and smiths; all built by the goblins over the abandoned ruins.


The Predator saw potential nesting places, ponds that should be full of tasty fishes, a marsh were particularly sweet-looking frogs jumped around, and the nice shadows where you could take a long nap after eating a couple more fried worms.

Written by Ashley Natter on 27 April 2021

Forbidden Place emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

It was so easy to forget you once where human, these memories felt like a fading dream that with every passing moment seemed more ludicrous and distant.


How could you have walked in two legs and not have scales to protect your frail body? How could you have survived without the instincts you now possessed.


Exploring deeper into the ruins you find a temple, strangely untouched by the local flora and unnervingly intact. It was definitely old, older even than all the ruins that surrounded it. The smooth walls of the circular building were marked with graffiti in a thousand different tongues warning any traveler to keep their distance and a few goblin totems built out of skulls hang in front of them.


You couldn’t resist, because who wouldn’t at least peek inside of such a forbidden place.


The circular room felt cold as you glanced inside, breathing in the old smells of decay and incense. The place was obviously evil, the white walls were decorated with bodies from several species, desiccated and pinned against the walls with dark iron spears, very classy in a disturbing way. In the center of the room stood a raised altar of white stone and beyond it four stained-glass windows depicting creatures rising out of the pits of the hell and dragging humans down with them.


“You smell of old magic,” the stranger steps out of nowhere into the room with relaxed, uncaring steps. “I can work with that.”


You took a step back, but the Predator lowered his head and readied to attack. The stranger wasn’t human, that was obvious, his skin was a deep red, with dark, hardened spots, his eyes were an eerily glowing red that seemed to look beyond you and into your soul. He wore no clothes, but a crude armor of iron that in points seemed bolted to his flesh without causing him any pain or discomfort. He walked in goat hooves and a long and spiked tail lashed behind.

Written by Ashley Natter on 29 April 2021

Demon emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“Why all that aggressivity, we are just talking here, aren’t we?” He spoke in a strangely soft and fluent voice that doesn’t seem to come from his mouth filled with sharp and long fangs. “Come on, don’t need to be afraid, let’s just have a friendly conversation.”


“Who are you?” You asked, finding it hard to take your eyes out of the demonic creature, almost entrancing.


“Baltor, demon of…” he starts talking, but trails off. “Well, who I am is not really that important really. What’s really important here is what I can do for you?”


The demon called Baltor stared at your eyes, the kind of smile in his lips that you never would want to see from a demon. He measured you like a butcher measured a cow going into the slaughterhouse.


“Let’s see… So much is obscured, but Human, right?” The demon examines your head more closely, while the Predator hissed and bared his fangs. “Quiet now, the adults are talking.”


You nodded slowly.


“Great! So why don’t we come to a deal, human? I can see this was not your original shape, what happened? Some curse or maybe you ate the wrong fruit?”


You tried to answer, but he doesn’t seem interested.


“It doesn’t matter really; humans’ bodies and souls are so pliable. It’s not a surprise you people always seem to end up in situations like this. What matters is that I can rid you of this terrible curse! It’s so easy for a creature like me to simply undo this great evil, all that I would need is some… Compensation.”

Written by Ashley Natter on 19 May 2021

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