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"What's up, puppy love!?"


A sharp bark escaped Daniel as she found herself being hugged from behind by hairy male arms. Being caught in a state of mounting hysterics at the realization of growing breasts, she responded rationally with a hard elbow to their gut. The sound of pained grunts made Daniel immediately regret that reflex even before she turned to find Jake sinking to his knees. Gasson, David, and even Pammy did not seem to react to their friend clutching his stomach coughing for breath. They merely walked past to exchange casual greetings.


"Oh my gosh, Jake! I am sooo sorry!" Daniel looked from him to the rest of their friends a bit at a lose. She could have broken a rib or six, and they were looking at her with...pride?


"God damn! Y-you...ugh...really put force into it this time." Even more surprising was when Jake looked up to flash Daniel a smile that caused her to recoil. "You know the anime rules; the harder you push, the more you secretly want me."


Written by DesmondFallout on 16 October 2018

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