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"Yeah, pretty sure he would have tried for a free grope if you gave him two more seconds," Gasson agreed. Before Daniel could realize it, he had stepped forward to gently rub at the fuzz behind her ear. It gave an involuntary flick as she eased into it. "You sure you're doing all right, Denise? You seem a bit more tsundere than usual."


Nothing anyone said made Daniel feel all right. But she did enjoy getting her ears rubbed. Something was soothing about the way it tickled her fur. She was soon purring in Gasson's palm, too passive to even notice the pressure building up in her jaws.


"You know I asked the same thing," Pammy piped up. She could not resist cracking a smile watching her friend's extra-long fox ears twitching to Gasson's affection. "I just assumed Jake had been screwing with her digivice like that time he tried to make her boobs…"


"I already explained that was not my intent!" Jake interjected heartedly. "The data card did not say anything about making her more stacked than that literal cow, Mrs. Tassel, teaching English major."


Such highly defensive remarks only got amused and doubtful looks from the entire clique of popular students.


David wrapped an arm around Pammy's shoulders to give a reassuring hug. "You girl's getting a bit scared about that military base again?"


Pammy bit her lip managing one nod. "Something just feels off about the wiki article. It's like no one wants to talk about why it's abandoned."


"They say that about most places we've been," Gasson said as he continued tormenting Daniel by stroking the lengths of her silky hair. Each pass seemed to cause the bridge of her nose to pop outwards. Nose turned black and fused with her upper lip while her entire face pushed out into an animal's muzzle. "Besides, what could be in there that could possibly beat our sweet and gentle Renamon here?"


At that, Daniel slapped a hand on Gasson's chest, gently gliding claws across the fabric of his shirt. "Save the flattery for suckers. I'm only protecting you because you know the right places to give scritches."


"Works for me!"


Jake was in a huff at that. "Hey! I'd give you belly rubs all day long too."


Daniel responded with a soft growl. "I'd break your hands first.


The group chuckled lightly while Daniel was stuck pondering. She absently scratched at the chin of her diamond shaped head thinking over everyone's behavior. Was this supposed to be her digivices idea of a status quo now? It felt like the transformation was finished, yet left everything off from usual. Busting chops had never been something she enjoyed, much less did casually.


But it was so much fun. And Jake was still kind of cute...for a human.


Written by DesmondFallout on 18 October 2018

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