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The bell rang, bringing an air of tension over everyone. Daniel shook her head wondering if she had just snapped out of a dream. Although it did spark a memory she was not sure was hers or this new Renamon's.


The dare of all time was today. It meant skipping a whole days worth of class and getting into so much trouble, but they would end up high school legends tomorrow. Everyone always talked about the old military base like some kind of death trap; funded with enough money to by the state, only to be abandoned overnight. Daniel and her friends were more than eager to explore the mystery and bring back something cool to brag about in the process.


Another thought suddenly occurred to Daniel. She reached back to fish out her digivice from a pocket, flipping it over to inspect the back. A barcode had been lasered into the plastic, with a military logo branding underneath the fifteen number digit.


The same one they saw on the bases front gates blocking entry inside.


"Yo! Earth to the digital babe!" Daniel nearly headbutt Jake on accident when she whirled to face him. "You still glitching out or this dare still on? We won't go if you and Pam are out?"


Daniel's paw clenched her digivice tight. "Hell yeah, I'm still game. We gotta get there to find answers, I mean, an adventure even if it kills you. Furry trash."


She glanced past Jake's smug face to Pammy. After a moment's hesitation, the human woman nodded her own approval.


"Well, then let's not dawdle for the teachers to spot us." David quickly ushered everyone out into the parking lot. They could really only hope no one saw them pile back into David's car before driving off campus.


Written by DesmondFallout on 19 October 2018

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