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"It doesn't matter how dangerous it is. I'm willing to do anything to become normal again." emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"It doesn't matter how dangerous it is. I'm willing to do anything to become normal again."


"There's a shaman in the nearby village. My husband thought that he could fight magic with magic. I have no idea what the shaman told him, but I can remember his last moments with me. He caught a creature quite like this one," the tiger insisted, nodding to their dinner. "Then, he removed the pelt. He left the meat, the bones, the organs all over the cave. He never bothered eating any of it. The pelt was the only thing missing. He left with it and never came back. For days, he had been saying how he found the solution. He was becoming forgetful, blinded by this need to fix this. He forgot me."


The male tiger seemed deflated. He was hunching, glaring at the ground and squeezing the life out of the deer meat. 


"Maybe, he wanted to see if it worked." 


The tiger shook his head.


"We'll just do what he did. We'll catch two more deer and go find the shaman. We can get out of here!" you exclaimed. 


"You're willing to risk that? You have no idea what will happen. What if we're reincarnated into another animal? What if we're lower on the food chain? What if the village kills us?"


You reached outward and grasped the tiger's paw. "It's better than doing nothing. This is not a life. We have one goal, and we're not going to fail. I need your help though. I don't know how to hunt or how to find my way around the jungle." 


The tiger seemed reluctant. Your mind bounced back to the vision in the flames. It's possible that the two tigers were the male and his husband. However, you were not going to take that risk. 


"Not tonight. It's too late."

Written by falconess22 on 30 March 2016

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