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"What do you think happened to them?" Celeste asked, voice soft and worried.


"I'm sure they respawned like everyone else did back home-"


"Or they respawned somewhere new, unexpected" Mardock replied, voice harsh and tired.


They'd been walking for ages. They passed through a forest, but the monsters of the night drove them out, hoping to avoid such cramped fighting spaces again. They continued on into a rocky, barren terrain instead, searching for hidden treasure in the rock that would show them some way to free everyone in the game.


However, the longer they trudged on, the less hope they had to find anything at all except for new enemies in new places.


That night, lying beneath a blanket of the same pixelated stars in the distance, you rolled over to suddenly see a face staring out from the darkness.


"Hello, distant stranger..." The voice whispered, barely audible to you, certainly hidden to your companions. You could vaguely in the shadows make out the shape of a skeletal face, though a glittering piece of gold hung around it's brittle, boney neck and shining crimson sparkled in the empty hole where its eyes would have once been. A cloak or cape fluttered behind it in the evening breeze. "I hear you are searching for the lost knowledge..."


You blinked, squinting at the creature. You hand gripped onto your spear tighter.


"Do not fear me. For I fear not death. Death is a figment of mortal imaginations. I am not mortal. I live only to know."


"I don't understand..."


"I must know all. More than all. I must know more than all those who know." He stepped closer, his eyes glowing brighter. Your mind, still racked with sleep and exhaustion from the day, raced at his words. "He's talking about the way to sign out?" you thought to yourself, trying to catch up. You couldn't decipher entirely if his appearance meant you were closer or farther than ever.


"If you ever learn of the escape... I will return-"

Written by Picklessauce69 on 29 April 2017

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