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Suddenly, before you have a chance to realize what's happening, you see a claw glint in the corner of your eye. You squint, but you don't have a chance to respond before the flash is gone from your vision.


A cloudy spot flares in your vision, fuzzing the landscape. Your eyes strain, trying to see the details of what's in front of you. A hot spurt splashes onto your cheek, sinking its liquidus sensation against your skin through the layer of fur before you feel the stabbing pain sinking into your gut.


Your eyes drop down to see your belly sliced open. For a brief second, you linger there witnessing your own death. There's the dull background of the fight still happening on behind you. Voices are overlapping, clashing and fighting together like their owners are fighting each other. The sounds fall back though, they matter little to you now.


All you hear instead, eventually, is the full throbbing pulse of your heartbeat pounding into your ears. You imagine you're hearing the actual watery rush of your blood through your veins, only to find their path has been sliced like the train tracks in an old child's cartoon where the train unknowingly stumbles onto a broken path and cannot stop and simply flies off the edge without even attempting to save itself.


Your blood is the train. It charges through your head, your body, and meets the broken track where the wound in your gut spreads out. Your eyes are hazy, trying to turn around and see everyone, try to communicate that you'll be going soon.


Then, before you truly can, you see the pixelation as the scene breaks.


You die.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 02 May 2017

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