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“STONE!” He was now practically in Mark's face. “I found a stone too when this happened! What color was it? Did it glow? How far was it from the camp?” Mark shook his head trying to keep up with Dans' fast purring and meowing speech.


“Slow down Dan.” He snapped, it coming out more as a roar which caused John to stand to attention as if worried a fight was about to break out.


Mark had to reel-in his emotions in, last thing he needed was a fight among friends. What they needed to be focusing on was how they ended up like this, and more importantly, why were they females?


“Clearly we all found a stone.” Mark began. “I can see them having magic to change us into lions, but why females?”


Dan and John seemed to be just as confused. Well whatever the case this was so far beyond them now. Maybe moving forward they could find some answers.


He shook his head. “Well, whatever the reason for this, maybe we can find answers if we stick together.” Mark stated heading back to walk back into the forest. However, it was John who stopped his progress, the lioness jumping in his path.

Written by GoldenAltaira on 10 October 2017

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