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“I will not go back into that forsaken, beast infested, death trap.” John growled. “And we will not follow you anywhere.”


“I agree! We will not be part of your-” Dan began but was quickly cut off by John.
“You shut your sorry excuse for a month! I'm done with both of you, we would never be in this situation if not for the both of you.”


Mark and Dan were taken back by John's show of such dominance. Normally the other was just a mare follower, never really speaking out for himself, or others. This was different, and the other two had to admit it scared them a little.


“We will stick together, but we two will follow me from now on.” He growled.


Mark nodded to scared to do or say much else, but Dan wasn't having it. He Deserved to be the leader! Not this normally passive prick! Who did John think he was all of a sudden? He was going to put him in his place once and for all. John wanted to be leader so badly. Well than.


He had to do it the 'lion' way.


Without warning, Dan charged at his former friend with a roar.


Dan latched onto John sinking his jaws into his neck and pulling him down with a hard THUD!


John roared in pain and kicked Dan with a back leg making other other lioness jaw slip from his bleeding neck. Dan hit the ground as John got up and with a massive paw he swiped Dan across the face scaring his left eye. Half blinded Dan retreated hiding behind Mark who had stood watching the whole thing in petrified fear.

Written by GoldenAltaira on 11 October 2017

Both Lion

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