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“Hey, I don’t trust that guy.” you say, the tone in your voice was stern and serious. Only having noticed after it had rang out all throughout the underground, the acoustic repetition almost took you aback as your own voice hit your eardrums. He stood there silent, looking at you as he signaled for you to continue, not parting his attentive eyes with your own. “I’ve been worried about those you keep close to you. Blood is thicker than water, and we need to watch out for those around us.”
“I have had a feeling about them as well.” He almost seemed to take the words out of your mouth as he continued, with even more enthusiasm than you, he began to explain his piece. “As of lately I’ve been hearing whispers- rumors about those we may not be able to trust.” he turned, looking far down the corridor to ensure the two of you were alone. “The walls have ears.” he looked to you seriously, before looking just behind you, down the adjacent hallway. Lowering his voice and crouching a bit, to compensate for the height difference, he began to speak once more. “I have reason to believe that your step mother may be working with others, possibly your brother, to usurp my kingdom.” your eyes widened in shock.
“And that may be one of her spies?” you ask, the anticipation in your voice was clear, as you projected loud over the king’s booming voice. His eyes lit up as he recognized the level of insight his child had about the situation.
“You are exactly correct.” baffled by each other’s observation, the two of you shared the insecurities that the other wouldn’t take the warnings seriously. In your excitement, you and him had begun to speak even deeper about the suspicious happenings, which had previously rendered the king in danger, and how this could relate to the way the mysterious hare had addressed him.
“What if she tries to poison you at the ball or something.” you say to him, being careful to not raise your voice too much, as the two of you conspired.
“That would make sense, but what if she tries something even sooner; more aggressive” he pondered, causing you too to stop and think about every possible option.
“I think I have an idea!” You begin to explain quietly a series of events that would ultimately lead you to your destiny. What was your idea?

Written by Driftingdragon on 11 March 2020

Male Sew better clothes
Male Bring Food from home
Male Take this into your own hands
Male Do nothing

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