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The two of you decided to go to the ball, deciding to play it safe, and being sure to take every precaution you could to protect the kingdom. Though you both had agreed to pretend things were normal among the family until the day of the ball, you couldn’t help but feel worried about the passing of time, as you spent it taking care of your royal duties for the following days.


You spent the majority of your time sewing thin threads of metal together, weaving the clothing as if it were the most intricate type of armor, sewn from the strongest spider silk you could have got your hands on. Thinking to yourself about how this can benefit the king’s protection, your hands work like lightning as you quickly make an entire stylish outfit for the king.


It took up until the day of the ball for you to finish his opulent garbs, the threads were stuck tightly together, unable to allow even the tiniest pin prick through the thin layers of the clothes. You gaze at your creation proud as ever before leaving to take it to the king, revealing to him the fruit of your hard work.
His reaction was exactly what you were expecting: pure joy. He had relished in the outfit you had made for him, caressing the thin silky fabrics, yet applauding how secure the stitching was. Before long you watched the king adorning his new clothes, happier than ever as the flowing fabrics rustled around him.
At the ball, you had the job of simply sitting on a throne and looking pretty. Barely able to focus on the event going on around you, the hustle of the party was the least of your worries, as you kept your eyes out on any suspicious behaviour in the area.


After a while the party had taken a turn, beginning the dinner phase of the party, everyone began to calm down, grabbing seats, and awaiting plates and plates of an extensively planned banquet. You watch as the people began to ravenously dig into the endless table full of food surrounding them. With confidence, you knew that the food wasn’t the issue, yet as others were distracted, you were sure to keep a close eye on who wasn’t eating.
Your eyes focused on your mom and sibling, watching their every move as they enjoyed the night at the ball. Oddly enough, the queen’s eyes were affixed on something far off. Unmoving, her pupils watched a hidden figure, which barely seemed to slip out of your view. Quickly looking around, you spot the chubby hare Taur from before, standing far off to the side, just barely noticeable beneath the shadows.


From his jacket he pulls out a dart, aiming it towards your father in an instant, and firing with lightning speed. The tiny bullet was barely detectable to the naked eye, though the king just barely felt the force of impact on the dart, before noticing the sharpened object sticking from him. His entire body jolted, startling some of the nearby crowd as they stared, confused by the commotion.


With a muscular hand the king pulled the dart from his chest, completely unaffected by its poison
“Ha! I knew it woman!” he said as he approached the queen, still staring at the hidden enemy. Suddenly, you leap into action, beginning to pursue the shadowy figure.


“I got him!” at full force, your bipedal limbs carried you across the ground with breakneck speed, almost as if you were flying across the beautiful palace tiles below. Your mad dash directly into the runaway taur caused an even louder commotion, just outside the palace entrance. “There you are” you grunted, pinning him below you with the heavy weight of your paws.


You quickly tie him up before dragging the culprit back into the building. As you reenter, you watch straggling individuals exiting the building frantically; the sound of the confrontation grew as you approached, dragging your enemy in behind you.


“Yeah, she made him do it.” You hear the voice of your sibling, as he ratted out the queen. “She forced me in on it, but I don’t care for this politics mess.” the young prince said as he crossed his arms in protest.
“Thank you my boy!” the king said, praising him for doing the right thing. The queen spat curses at you and her son as she was led into the dungeon along with her accomplice. Ultimately, you had helped prevent the fall of your father’s reign, while putting an end to the queen’s mischief.


That night, your father entered your room with a pale white bag. The silk parcel was smooth in his hands, his eyes bright, with a large smile on his face. He approached you, speaking gently.


“I think I want to give you this.” he holds the bag out to you. “I know it’s late, but since you had done that for me, I have a little something for you in return.” His tone was grateful and kind as he watched your face light up seeing the gift. “I’ll let you sleep now, but let me know what you think about it when you do!” You not, letting him exit the dimly lit room.


To your surprise, the soft furs of a new outfit brushed against your dark fur as you reached into the bag. Your heart almost seemed to beat out of your chest as you realized what this was: your next transformation. The excitement took over your entire body, shaking in excitement, you remembered what you were actually here for.


You had spent the rest of your final night enjoying your palace sueit, while being proud of yourself for what you accomplished today. After recharging for a few hours, you woke up early the following days to put on your outfit, and transform your way into the next adventure.

Written by Driftingdragon on 12 March 2020

The end (for now)
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