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Not wanting to waste any more time you kick off the sandy bottom of the ocean and start towards the surface. Maybe, you try to think optimistically, Cid was just late and that was all. Why did there necessarily need to be something wrong, you wonder to yourself?


You move through the water just as easily as before, if not more so as you make your way towards the shoreline. After a minute or two you hit the surface, glancing around to see if maybe, just maybe, you can see Cid making his way through the water.


But he’s not there…


You glance towards the town and find relief in seeing that it is still standing. That is where your friend lives… if something had happened to it while you were peacefully down in your cave…


You shake your head, not wanting to think about stuff like that. You can’t afford to to think like that. Besides, you try to reassure yourself, Cid is probably fine. There are more reasons for someone to break a promise than if something was majorly wrong. You’re probably just being paranoid.


With a few good swishes of your tail and limbs through the water you begin to travel, your mind focused on but one thing; getting close enough to the town to see if you can spot Cid. You silently begin to question once more why you feel so attracted to him… Is it because of your now feminine body? Or is something else drawing you to the friendly young man?


When you arrive near the shore you can make out the figures of several of the towns people gathering around and, though still being cautious, you curiously watch them. They seem to be gathering for something, you realize, seeing more people join them over time. But what, you wonder? You don’t recall Cid mentioning any sort of gathering with his townsfolk… unless you’ve simply forgotten?


No… that couldn’t be the case.


You slip below the surface once more, easing a bit closer to the shore. There are so many strangers there, so many faces you don’t know, and a knot of nervousness has begun to form in your belly. Your brow furrows, a deep frown on your face as you come to a stop once more.


Whatever is going on, you think to yourself, you don’t like it. It’s probably the reason why Cid hadn’t been able to come out and greet you in the ocean today.


Then, at long last, you breathe out in relief as your eyes fall upon none other than Cid himself. He looks fine, thank goodness, though a tad bit frustrated too. Is he upset because he hadn’t been able to come out and see you? Or is there something else that is troubling his mind?

Written by HiddenFruit on 30 August 2017

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