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Like a good princess, you take your time preparing for the ball though your mind couldn’t stop wondering what the rest of those history books were trying to tell you. Nonetheless you decided to brush it off, focusing only on looking the best for the upcoming ball. You choose one of your favorite pink dresses and adorned your taur body with it. Though you were slightly off scheme it was bright enough to blend in. Suddenly you come across your brother just as he too was getting ready for the ball.
“Uhh what are you doing?” He said, taking you by surprise by his more tactically chosen outfit. Thick denim padding along with several pockets lining his half-formal vest. “You don’t look ready for a war.” he said as you stared at him pondered. “Listen you’re going to need something better than that if you want to survive.” He said before rolling his eyes and walking away. “Okay listen you’re going to have to work with me on this okay?” He continued before letting you talk.

Written by Driftingdragon on 08 May 2020


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