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You quickly agree to him, and grab some more appropriate garbs as well. To your surprise, he led you out of the castle through the back entrance of the palace. Through deep catacombs from beneath, you both found yourself exiting through the deep tunnel into the brush just outside of the city limits.
“I’ve been doing some independent research and I’ve come to realize that the neighboring kingdoms are to invade at tonight's ball. You must help stop them.” you nod your head, pretending to understand a single word of what your brother was saying.
As the two of you continued your mindless meandering behind him, a random invader came from the left side of the bushes and began to pester the two of you. Clearly he understood who this was, though your mind couldn’t think about what it was he was talking to you about. As the strange man continued following just behind the two of your footsteps you had the urge to suddenly do something about it, as your brother stared at you silently as you paced alongside each other.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 May 2020

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