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You quickly turned to address the young man and began to speak. You talked about the kingdom and your country trying to pacify him, as he quickly walked in step with the two of you. Unbeknownst to you, as you talked you ultimately spilled more information than you needed to, but by the time you noticed your brother starting at you judgmentally from right next to you.
As you looked back you barely noticed the stranger now running towards the kingdom, while your brother crossed his arms and looked at you silently, angrily, and with a gaping open mouth in disbelief.
“I cannot believe you…” he said in a stern tone. “You just gave him all that information about our kingdom?” you held your head up, completely uninspired and unable to respond to your younger brother’s usual nagging. “Don’t you think he’s going to tell the others now? He clearly was from the other kingdom, couldn’t you tell by the red garbs? I was telling you this all along and it was the most simple tell! What is wrong with you.” He stopped as he continued complaining.
“Well we’re safe aren’t we?” You argued sassily.
“Oh my god… OOOh my god!” he began thrashing his arms around in frustration. “Yeah you saved us! But what about the rest of the kingdom?” His eyes were filled with rage. “You know what, I’m done with this. Lets just go so we can avoid the rest of this crap.”
‘The rest of this crap?’ you thought to yourself. Kind of feeling bad, you lower your head and follow behind your brother, feeling as if you had done something seriously wrong just then, though you couldn’t focus your mind enough to figure out what that could have been.
For the rest of the day, you and your brother walk around the outskirts of the kingdom, not even accomplishing the goal you two had -unbeknownst to you- set out to do. You feel as if now you will never know. You feel like a failure. By the time you had returned to the kingdom, everything was up in flames, burned buildings, torn banners, shattered glassware, everything was completely ransacked.
“Good thing I didn’t go to the ball” you thought to yourself as you returned with your brother. Surprisingly to you, he seemed way more upset at you talking to the stranger than the whole massacre of your kingdom. You realize that regardless of your family now being completely eliminated you realized that your brother is a male, and therefore he can still continue the family line.
The two of you walked through the empty halls of the palace, though your brother instantly began to leap into action, attending to the wounded, as well as fixing up the broken statues strewn around the palace floor. Suddenly it dawned on you that he was now the new king of the kingdom. No wonder why he was so calm and collected about this! Though he did grieve the loss of his parents and most of his court, you could tell he was taking things bittersweetly. He spent the rest of the week finishing up his newfound kingly duties, before suddenly approaching you.
“You fool, thanks for getting me here, but you know I can’t trust you anymore with that dumb mouth of yours.” he said as he ralled two of the imperial guards behind you. He turned quickly away from you as they grabbed you, frightening the soul from your body. “Lock her up” He said before giving you a parting spray of his strongly aromatic glands.
“What! Wait!” But it was too late. Before you knew it you were locked up, stinky, and completely unable to free yourself from this final transformation. You clutched the bars and shook, stramed, and stammered to your heart’s desire, though it was no use as you were locked away for the rest of your short life in the dungeon. Just like your history lesson, you were long forgotten within the sands of time.

Written by Driftingdragon on 10 May 2020

The end (for now)
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