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Tumbling wildly through clouds you anticipate a short future in free fall followed by an eternity of being flat and dead. You can't even remember your transformation properly, but didn't you turn into a... pegasus?


Pegasus. You know, horse with wings.






Suddenly your mind clears, just as you come out of the clouds and see the ground far, far below. You are a mythological air creature (and a male one at that - another thing to get used to!), of course you can fly! You just have to figure out how before you hit the ground...


There's a weight on your back, and you feel the wind tugging at it each time you flip over. Your brain starts working double time to figure out the new connections. Arms... legs... that must be the wings. You try sending a 'stretch' command down the new lines, and soon you feel something spreading out and increasing the wind resistance.


A few flips later you have stopped the tumbling. Only now you are on your back. You can't even see the ground now, which may just be a blessing in disguise...




The shout is so sudden and unexpected that you react without thinking. You raise your arms towards the clouds, and a moment later a large shadow flickers across your field of view. Something grabs your hands, and your arms stretch painfully as weight returns.


"Gotcha!" the voice continues. "How in the world did you get so high up, Junior?"


You glance up and find that you are hanging - backwards - under a large flying creature. Hard to tell from this angle, but it's most likely another pegasus person. Its got hooves and a long hairy tail anyway...


And it's naked. And... 'streamlined'. Obviously a female.


So you have been rescued by a pegasus mare/woman. Who is much bigger than you. And she keeps calling you Junior. What...?


Another thing she keeps doing is beating her wings. You realize she is climbing. Is the going to put you back in the room you fell out of, or do pegasuses (pegasi?) live in the sky?


She seems to have read your thoughts. Well, some of them. "This won't do, Junior," she explains behind you. "We have to turn you over. Switch hands."


You finally find your voice, and find it sounding a bit like a neigh. "I don't think... I can hold on by... one hand..."


Turns out she is way ahead. "Exactly. That's why I'm climbing. We have to get enough drop time to do it in free fall."


You really have to stop asking questions you don't like to hear the answer to!

Written by Won-Tolla on 24 November 2007

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