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You are almost back in the clouds when the mare/woman speaks again.


"Ready, Junior? Drop at the count of six."




"Whatever!" Suddenly you are falling, and the strain on your arms is gone. She just let go without counting!


The mare/woman opens one of her hands. You are not sure which one it is, but it's holding your right hand, so you open that.


"Grab my wrist!"


You can't raise your head quite enough to see properly, so you just bend your left arm to pull yourself a bit closer and grope around above your left hand until you find something wristlike to hold onto. A couple of grabs and releases later you are securely connected and falling forwards again. You look up and see the mare/woman's face above you. It's upside down, but still beats the other view.


She smiles as she starts spreading her wings. "Hi, Junior. We have to stop meeting like this. Ready for a flying lesson? Just start spreading your wings slowly and, most important, evenly."


You hesitate.


"Wings. Those things on your back."


"Give me a break!" you snap. "I'm new at this!"


She gives you a puzzled look. Then the penny drops. "Oh." She looks up at the sky you just fell out of. "OH! Sorry, Junior. I've been her so long I keep forgetting. First?"


"Should have guessed," she continues. "Being way up here and all. Anyway, I'm Meera. Do you have a name yet?"


"Well, back home I was called <span class="female">Jennifer."


"Must be quite a change for you then."


You blush. Fortunately your fur hides most of it.


"Oh, I didn't look!" Meera chuckles. "I hear it from your voice. Anyway, </span>that's a human name. Meera wasn't mine... before."


So you have to find or otherwise come up with a name for your new form? Sounds like a plan, if only to make Meera stop calling you Junior!


"Why do you call me Junior anyway?"


"You're a colt."


Well, that explains that. Start at the beginning. You wonder if any of the other costumes would have given you an adult form. You'll have enough time to find out before this is over...

Written by Won-Tolla on 24 November 2007

The end (for now)

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