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“You’re stuck here, why?” And that can happen?
“Well, I couldn’t find another costume so I’m stuck in this one.” Rocko turned around, tail moving with him. He was an anthropomorphic black panther. “Well, it’s my fifth costume so I didn’t see this complication coming.”
You felt sorry for him. 
“Really didn’t see it coming. Usually... There’s always some costume around here or some kind of note, but nothing. And I’ve been here for some time.” He shrugged. “It’s a pretty decent place but those thieves make it ridiculously unbearable… hey, are you okay?”
You hadn’t realized it but you had been spacing out from all the information you had received. You moved your pawhand in a way that said, “Sort of.”
Rocko chuckled, “Come on, _______, let’s get you into the city for some rest. Don’t worry, there are no thieves or dangers here unless you happen to be one of them and are just tricking me to gain my trust?”
“No way!”
Rocko nodded. “Good.” His furry arm was placed over your shoulder. “Well, let’s going—oh! I almost forgot!” He bent down to grab a bag. “A friend of mine wanted some seashells so I was down here to fetch them for him. Now let’s go.”


The city was a metropolis. And near a beach, especially nice. Not like Las Vegas or New York City. It was just an incredibly big, populated, and well-built area. The Guardsmen Tower that Rocko talked about was something to behold, there were a ton of soldiers and they looked ready to go to war. You even happened to notice a few humans in those lines. 
“Oh good, you got them!” Rocko handed the bag to a she-cow working at a drive-thru in a restaurant. She looked in the bag and made an ‘ooooooowooooooooow!’ sound. “You even got rainbow ones, and ones of different colors. Thanks so much, Rocko!” 
“No problem,” he said.
“Who’s this?”
“_______, pleasure to meet you,” you introduced yourself. Rocko explained your backstory to the she-cow. 
“Oh geez, they almost had your head. Maybe literally.”
Skulls & Bottom Ocean Floor really were a big deal then.


Rocko led you into his home. There was a spare room. His other friend left him to try another costume, he explained. You took a rest in the room then got up the next morning, re-energized and ready to cape diem. 
Rocko and you went back out to the beach. There, you happened to find an ocarina stuck in the sand. You blew sand particles out of it, and then started to test it to see if it still played. And it did. The music flowed easily enough, calm and relaxing, full and soundful. Rocko seemed to enjoy it as he swayed from side to side. You continued to play and play in full, and then played your favorite song, (favorite song).
You eventually stopped and Rocko clapped. “That was cool.”
“Thanks, oh hey, aren’t we supposed to be finding more crabs out here?”
“Right! Yeah!” Rocko added, “And an old ancient book from the library, someone left it somewhere here.”
You and Rocko ventured to the edge of the beach, having found little crabs but no book. Rocko led you both to the outer rim of the beach, a narrow area bounded by the forest. You and him were careful.
“Oh look at what we have here!”
But not careful enough.

Written by on 05 September 2019

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