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Thankfully, he had a study block next. Since he drove to school, he was allowed to sign out and leave early instead of lingering. Today, he needed that option. Who would’ve thought that one class could take the little steam he had so easily..


He yawned as he slowly made his way through the crowds of people. If he didn’t get a nap soon he might just pass right out..


After what felt like an eternity of driving (That was actually only 7 minutes), he arrived home. He made his way into the house, missing the lock with his key twice before actually managing to insert it into the doorknob.


Inside, he sighed, and plopped onto his bed. At long last, his heavy eyelids gently closed, and proper sleep found him.


Daniel woke up with a start. He was in a darkened room, the smell of an old basement permeating the air. A light clicked on above him. He took in his surroundings quickly. Inside was a small, uncomfortable bed that he was sitting on. The mattress felt like little more than a bag of springs. The color looked similar to cream, but time had made it a nasty yellow that was unpleasant to look at. There were thin sheets that he hadn’t realized he was clutching onto. Across the walls were small pieces of paper plastered onto the dusty, crumbling concrete.


Daniel woke up. He could feel his heart pounding as if it were trying to escape his chest. His entire body was overheating, and pools of sweat spread from his knees and chest. His throat felt like it was going to close at any moment, leaving him struggling for air.


His head snapped around to look at the clock. It was 6:39. Just before the party… Ugh. He quickly tossed the sheets off of him, before going into the bathroom. His body still felt so hot…

Written by OakenFerret on 15 September 2022

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