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You gaze out at the wavering force field above the rock. With a scoff and a wave of your hand, you turn away and head further down the shoreline. You determine that it was just aligned too perfectly to not be a trap.


As you stroll down the beach, you notice something a bit odd. Even though the sun is shining down on you, you feel rather cool. Waving your arms a bit to get a feel for the air, you notice it doesn?t really feel like fresh air. Could this be? air conditioning? You feel shivers run up your spine as you realize what this means. They?re in control of the weather?


The meaning behind the barrier suddenly becomes clear. It?s not a wall to keep you from escaping, as the surrounding ocean would be more than enough to keep anyone landlocked. This barrier is some kind of environment control device. This makes you start to panic a little. What if the shape of the island was manipulated too? For all you know, this could be a manmade island, which wouldn?t fit the description of the mysterious island from your childhood at all.


You look around frantically, trying to find some kind of sign that this island is natural. Not only would it mean the treasure might be here, but it lessens the danger factor of this place. At least you know how normal trees and wildlife work. If these trees were made by this seemingly sadistic production company, who knew what kind of horrible things could happen. Maybe the coconuts at the tops of palm trees were grenades, and exploded when they fell. Maybe all the animals had enhanced senses and were vicious man killers.


A loud buzzer jars you out of your thoughts. As your head snaps left and right wildly, you feel a breeze blowing over you. Looking out to the edge of the barrier, you see it opening a bit. A huge wave of water comes gushing in under the rim, higher than the water level in the dome by a few feet. Sinking to your knees, you realize that wave would?ve hit you while you were on the rocks. A bit stunned, you sit there in silence as the wave grows closer. That last decision could?ve ended in your death. This ?game? has now become a bit more serious.


The wave crashes onto shore, foamy bubbles stretching out the few yards it takes to barely splash your toes. As the water recedes, you notice something big and grey has washed up onto shore. It looks like some kind of marine animal.


Written by Zorpix on 17 June 2014

Both Looking Closer
Both Get closer and inspect it (Zorpix)

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