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You are standing by a tree star star star emptystar emptystar

There are 3 paths.


One appears to go to a jungle,
one appears to go to a cave,
one appears to go to a beach,
you could try and climb the tree,
there is a nearby shop you could go in,
or you could do something else.


So what's its going to be?

Illustrated by Catprog

Written by catprog on 01 April 2003

In the shop star halfstar emptystar emptystar emptystar

There is a table with a sign saying

<strong>Free Sample:</strong>
Take one


On the table there is a fridge with a range of liquids. Also on the table are various magical trinkets including costumes. What would you like to take, or would you like to buy something?

Written by catprog on 10 April 2003

Other star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to get something else. But what?

Written by catprog on 13 December 2005

A lamp star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You take a lamp. Now what are you going to do with it?

Written by catprog on 05 March 2004

Transformation Genie star star star emptystar emptystar

Just then, a huge puff of green smoke appears.


The smoke forms the shape of a humanoid, then finally materializes into a turquoise-skinned man who appears to be about 25 years old. You quiver with fear, staring at him (after all, you're not used to seeing turquoise-skinned men appear out of lamps).


"Who has rubbed the lamp of the Genie of Transformation?", the man asks in a light, yet stern voice.


"I-I did", you answer softly.


He steps closer to you and bows. "Thank You, Master, Thank You!", he says as he kneels to you.




He stands. "Yes", he says. "You have released me from the Lamp, and now you may have three wishes.


The wishes carry certain limitations, however..."


"Yes, like what?", you ask again, almost bursting with excitement (having your own genie and all).


"First, there are only three wishes, no more and no less, and this may not be changed by any wishes made. Second, all wishes made by the master should be precisely worded. If the wish is too vague, then I shall choose the remaining factors of the wish. And third, all wishes must be related to the change of the master, or of someone else that the master chooses. In other words, all wishes must be transformative."


Well what are you going to wish for?

Written by on 11 March 2004

I don't need a **** Transformation star star emptystar emptystar emptystar

"I don't need a transformation thank you very much," you say. "I am perfectly happy as a human". "You can take your conditional wishes elsewhere, you ****".


The genie's eyes widen. "You are going to regret mocking me". " You don't want a transformation, too bad you're getting one.




Written by on 18 May 2004

Park star halfstar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"You are going to my animal park and help with the breeding programs" booms the genie.


All of a sudden a portal appears and sucks you in.As you go through you get knocked out.


When you awake your in...

Written by on 22 May 2004

Myth Room star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You awaken in a room with 3 doors.


Each door has a word inscribed on it.


And Water


Which one do you want?

Written by on 27 July 2004

Air star halfstar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You go through the door.


You step out into open air.


You try to get back to the door but to your horror it has gone.


You then notice you are growing wings but what kind?

Written by on 27 July 2004

Sphinx emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

As you change you realize that they are sphinx wings. But what kind of sphinx are you becoming.

Written by catprog on 26 June 2012

Trickery #1 emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

It is never a good idea to insult a genie...


If some well-meaning soul had said that to you, in good faith, any time before this point, you would not have believed them. Who would have believed that genies existed? Not you, of course not - they were just a fairy tale. Something of fiction and fantasy, not of the "real world". You should never have picked up that old pot from the overflowing wheelie bin, surroundings spinning with drink, and staggered to the ground, leering at it like it a prize of great value and did not cage a demon within. Your sleeve rubbed the brass surface into a subtle shine, a gleam rising after years of misuse, and you swore loudly as hot steam hissed from beneath the lid, searing a line of pain across your hand.


If you had known that the being within was a genie, you would not have said the crude and vulgar things that you did, when the steam materialised into a blue-skinned something, muscled like a skilfully carved statue. He frowned after your tirade, for the figure was clearly male, and shook his head despairingly at your insults, saying that punishment was due to you for speaking so.


Punishment? Your mind became hazy, as if you had spent hours laying in the heat of the summer sun, subsequently becoming ill. You looked down at your hands, stumbling backwards with a half-strangled cry - they were not your hands! There was some monstrous growth making them bulge out, more animal than human and coated in a rapidly spreading tawny-gold layer of fur. How could this be? Trying to shriek, your vocal chords rebelled, permitting only a cat-like yowl of pain, you crashed heavily to the broken paving stones, writhing and twisting in unprecedented agony. Your spine cracked ferociously and you feared that it might have snapped in two, but it seemed to be stretching, elongating into a bestial shape...


That was the last you remember of that particular interlude. You blacked out and sank into restless unconsciousness, the sole sound fading into nothingness being a malicious, cruel laugh.




It takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust when you finally awake, blinking blearily in the startlingly bright sunlight. You are in a barren wasteland of a desert, frail looking cacti bearing their way up through the parched soil - the only thing that may be able to find substance in this ruthless land. Shaking your head to clear it (the effort goes in vain with the sun beating down upon your skull) you raise your hand to your head. But...the action does not quite go as you imagined it would and you are compelled to bend your head forward in order for your hand to reach it at all. How very peculiar.


It then comes to your attention that you are lying in a strange position on the ground with your arms curled beneath your body and your legs angled in a way that you would have expected to be painful... However, you are comfortable. Sighing deeply, you cannot make head or tail of this change, until a lengthy, leonine tail swishes behind you, disturbing the sand with the tufted tip.

Written by Amethyst Mare on 26 June 2012

Waking Up emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Your body is still stinging from the shock of what has happened to you. The memory of it comes in perfect clarity, though your eyes are attempting to adjust to the new lighting in the enclosure where you exist.
The genie had been furious at your words; perhaps it wasn't the best idea to taunt a creature of power and infinite capabilities, but you had never been able to reel in your bravado. You shouldn't have mocked them.
You know that you shouldn't have mocked them... and now it's too late for you. You can remember it all in stark detail -- it was like your skin bubbled beneath the nerves, like everything about you was flying apart. And then there was the sensation of fur and feathers... the sensation of your nails elongating, of your shoulder blades bowing outward to accommodate for some kind of growth that was no more natural than it was possible.
You'd thought then that you certainly had to be dreaming... that there was no way that any of this could be possible... but in the same moment, you knew that the odd sensations that were roiling through your body was something that you could have never imagined, no matter how creative you might have been. Whatever was happening to you was either the most realistic nightmare that you'd ever experienced... someone had drugged you...
Or you were going to have to accept the harsh reality that perhaps, just perhaps... it was the truth.
Your eyes are slowly adjusting to the bright, almost artificial light. For a moment, you think that you're dreaming -- there's no way that you could possibly be... different... from what you were before. Everything that happened in the dark room where the genie had been can just fade away to the background. You know who you are, and you know who you have always been... and it was a simple fact that humans couldn't just change shape -- that genies weren't actually real, and there was no such thing as a curse.
Those facts should be the truthful ones... but opening your eyes doesn't make the memory fade away; trying to shake yourself back into coherency only makes things come back into a crystal sharp clarity that you can't ignore, no matter how hard you try.
Things are different.
Humans couldn't transform... human's couldn't become something other than human!
But you are, and there's really no way that you can deny it. First and foremost, you're not laying in your bed -- you aren't even in a house. You're in some type of enclosure with wide bars that a human body would be able to fit through... but something tells you that your body isn't human.
Your body isn't normal.
You open your mouth to shout and your throat feels dry; when you finally manage to groan out a weak 'help' it isn't in your deep voice.
The voice is higher, and more than that, it's lilted and... odd.
Something is definitely wrong. You try to push yourself into a standing position, and that is when you notice your body. There isn't anything lean and muscular about it. There isn't anything familiar about it, if you're being honest with yourself. There's nothing human about it at all.
You stare down at yourself in horror. Where strong arms had been, forepaws now stood. Where your legs were, a great cat's haunches. A tail swishes behind you... and more than that, maybe even more to your terror than most things, you notice the fact that a part of full and swollen breasts spill from your chest.
You aren't human.
You aren't a man.
You're something altogether different.

Written by Karlyene on 04 October 2020

Zoo emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You push yourself shakily to four feet. The movement is so unnatural that you actually stumble upon trying to take your first step. Every bit of concentration that you have goes in to getting your legs beneath you and then taking that first shaking step forward without swaying or falling. The tail behind you swishes in instinctual motion, managing to help you catch your balance when you nearly topple again. For a moment, you steady your breath and suck down the terror that's rising in you in palpable waves.
For a moment, you do nothing but concentrate on the way that it feels for your feet-- no, paws -- to be planted firmly on the ground.
Once you've gotten a hold of that, you take another step forward.
And then finally another.
And only then do you allow yourself to look around and intake the surroundings that you've someone been plopped into the middle of.
The bars are close, but behind you is a sweeping and vast plane; yes, it's still enclosed, but you could run for a full few minutes without reaching the other side. Whoever crafted the area seemed to have care and consideration for the creatures that existed within it.
It doesn't bring you any measure of comfort, though, because you know that you don't belong here.
Here is slowly becoming evident, the realization if not the specifics dawning on you in a creeping horror that you can't deny.
The word comes to mind, because you've been there a dozen times when you were a child.
The word comes to your mind because at the edge of the bars, you can make out the haze of families standing around and watching you, some holding children on their shoulders so they can see what is behind the bars. The children have snacks, and they're laughing. They're joyous.
They don't seem to notice the look of pure terror on your face; either that, or they're conditioned to not care about the expressions of the animals.
Whatever it is, your second cry of 'help' falls on deaf ears.
Maybe they can't understand you?
You walk towards the edge of the bars and some people whip out camera-like devices, snapping photos. You mouth the words to attempt the gaining of their attention again, but it doesn't do anything for you. They don't do anything for you. They just stare at you with joy and amusement on their faces... and you know that you're well and truly ruined for getting help from any of them.
They don't care.
Or they don't understand.
Or a mixture of both.
Instead, you crane your neck around in an attempt to find some answers for where you are at least. You can't see much -- the enclosure that your in seemed to be in the dip of a valley; you can see the hills rising up beyond, and you can hear other creatures roaring, screeching, generally making noises somewhere in the distance... but you can't discern what they are, where they are... if they're also crying out for help in voices that can't be understood.
But you do see the sign to the left of the bars.
Sphynx Enclosure, Three males, one female.
You gulp, and it's nearly audible... because you're starkly aware of the fact that, though you should have at least had the comfort of being in the male category, you're very distinctly of the female definition.
Which meant that somewhere, lurking in the cage with you, are three male Sphynx creatures... and you're not altogether sure of if they were once human as well... or if they're animals that function on a more basic instinct that you aren't going to be able to reason with, that you aren't going to be able to beg or barter or plead with. You aren't sure what you want out of all of this; if they'd been human, or had been humans at any point in their lives... perhaps they would listen. But... you had been a male, and you knew for a fact that sometimes when you were thrown into a situation where control seemed to be wrenched from you, you would posture in order to make yourself feel better.

Written by Karlyene on 06 October 2020

Exploring emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

It had been part of the reason that you'd made fun of the genie in the way that you had... because you weren't sure of yourself.
You had a feeling that if there were men in here that had once been human, they might have been feeling a little insecure... which would mean that they wouldn't take kindly to you telling them what was going on, what you were going to have to do.
Demanding that you work together on a way to escape.
Was there even a way to escape? You keep yourself close to the bars, because at least here you can't see the others. You'll worry about that later... but for now, you just want to assess how deep you really are into this situation. Your eyes look up, they look around. The bars of the enclosure stretch for as far as you can see -- it loops around you in a great dome, so even if you can figure out how to work the wings that you feel stretching and fluttering along your back, you're fairly certain that you can't just fly out of here.
You turn to the bars then, and gently paw at it with one claw; it's just as solid and thick as it looks. Metal; something darker than steel... something that you know you aren't going to be able to break down.
And more than that, the space that had looked like so much when you first glanced it isn't even enough for you to shoulder through. You can tell from looking.
You don't try, because the people on the other side of the bars are standing right there, and you aren't yet sure what would happen if you misbehaved.
There is so much information about what's happening to you that you don't have, and it makes everything so much more difficult to navigate. You don't know if there's some kind of keeper that you can at least ask questions to... or if they can understand you either. You're left without any clue or inclination as to what you can and cannot do... and you're left with the knowledge that there's no way for you to simply do what you would have done when you were a human; pull out a cellphone and Google what the actual answer was.
You pace instead, walking along the front length of the bars and checking to see if there are any wider openings, any weaknesses that you might notice. When you see none here, you continue to walk along the length of the enclosure. You keep your eyes on the metal, but you also keep them sweeping out in front of you, looking around you. The last thing that you want is to accidentally run into one of the other occupants of the cage without realizing what you're walking up on. You don't have enough information yet.
You're not ready for that yet.
You honestly don't know if you'll ever be ready.
You don't want to admit that your body is trembling slightly, even though there's no one here who would make fun of you for it. The temperature is perfectly controlled, so it isn't as though you could blame it on that... and you know that the only person that you're trying to fool is yourself.
And you aren't even a person anymore.
You're a sphynx... and you're beginning to accept that this isn't a nightmare that you're going to be able to rouse yourself from. This is your situation, and you are going to have to figure out how to navigate it if you have any hope of reversing what happened.
But can you reverse it? There's an odd, sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach that tells you that you can't. Wherever you are, the people looking in on the bars are decidedly not human; they're the wrong color. Even if you could somehow escape, would you ever be able to find that Genie again, or another being that was magical and capable of reversing what had happened to you?
All of it was impossible. Overwhelming and crushingly impossible.
You keep trudging along the edge of the enclosure, hoping that somehow you'll find bars that are bent, or spread further apart... maybe some expanse in the sky that you'll be able to fly up to.

Written by Karlyene on 08 October 2020

Back to the Start emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Almost of their own volition, your wings start to twitch and work behind you. You don't know how the muscles work, but somehow your body seems to know for you. It ripples, and the muscles in your back around the base of the wings twitch and work... and they give a great flap that almost lifts you from the ground.
It isn't time right now -- you know there's no point in you attempting to learn to fly right this second... but it's a promising start to know that it seems to be something that you can do, if you want to. If you need to. You might need to, if only to get away from the males that are still stalking around in here somewhere.
There's a large cave-type structure in the middle of the enclosure. It looks like the dens that you have seen the lions laying around in lazily when you've been to the zoo.
Where were the males? Were they always nestled up in there while the females stalked the enclosure? You've watched enough documentaries to know that it was the lionesses who hunt... but who is to say that sphynx biology is even the same as that of lions... just because there's a den. There might be a giant nest in there, with the wings on your back.
You have no answers.
You have no one who you can pose the questions to.
Instead, you keep walking.
You'd like to think that your pacing would bring you somewhere... but eventually, and it takes you quite some time, you realize that the only place that it's bringing you to is right back where you started from. The crowd is a different one, but it's much the same. You've walked a massive circle, and there wasn't one damn thing that you noticed that would be of any help to you whatsoever.
No openings.
No doors.
Nothing that you could use your human level of intelligence with in order to gain any type of advantage over what is happening to you.
You feel your body cave in on itself, and you curl up on the ground in front of the bars. It takes you a few moments, but your shift yourself into a position so that you can't see the people at your back, but you can keep your eye on the den in the middle of the arena. That way... at least you'll know if the males approach.
It's the best that you can do.
There aren't any answers around you, so you're going to just have to wait for them to come to you... you don't know if anyone will show up to try to speak to you, to try to explain what's happening... but you're making yourself a promise right now that you aren't moving from this spot until something happens.
It's a bold promise, when you don't have any information or reassurances to back it up... but in that moment, it's the only thing that brings you any measure of comfort, and you know for a fact that you need all of the comfort that you can get.
You settle in.
You close your eyes.
You try to rest, try to sleep, try to pray to whatever higher power there is that when you wake up, this will have all been a dream.

Written by Karlyene on 10 October 2020

Males emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

It's not a dream.
You've been here for hours; you rested for a while, but a loud announcement in a language that you don't understand wakes you. The people behind you are shuffling away, and you can only assume that the voice was announcing that it was closing time. At least there won't be anyone gawking at you.
You might have celebrated a victory, but your attention has turned to the cavern in front of you. You can see stirring now, and although you aren't sure what it is... you're also quite positive of exactly what it is. You back even closer to the bars, doing your best to flatten yourself... but it doesn't seem to matter.
They can sense you; they can smell you. They have heard you walking around in circles, and they were only being kind enough to wait until the gawkers and lookers were gone before coming forward to finally see what all of the commotion is.
There are three of them, and they stand tall and proud. Their hair falls around their shoulders in mane-like waves, and their chests are just as bare as your own, and just as broad as yours used to be, when you were a human.
They stalk forward on clawed feet, and when they open their mouths... you can understand their language, even though you know for a fact that they aren't speaking anything that you've heard before.
"You're our new mate."
The words are said with such sureness, such delight and determination that you believe them for just a moment. Just as quickly though, you shake your head and press yourself harder against the bars.
"I am not." the only thing that you can do is deny it, hope that maybe they'll listen to you. The only thing that you can do is press even harder to the bars and raise one clawed paw in defense. "I'm not. Don't come near me." Your voice is breathless, frightened. You hate it, but they just smile at you.
"You'll come to us. Soon." One gives the air a long, slow smell, and the smile on his visage deepens. "Very soon."
They seem so sure of themselves, but they don't walk like they've ever been human. They don't speak like they were ever men... and when they saunter away, they do it with such sureness that you know for a fact they know something that you don't know.
You hate it.

Written by Karlyene on 12 October 2020

Refuse to eat emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You fall asleep in the corner, and there is only the slightest bit of worry that the males will come out while you're vulnerable to do something to you. There's a part of you, perhaps instinct, that knows that they wouldn't. There was something about the way that they spoke, about the way that they sauntered off that tells you they truly believe what they're speaking... that you're going to come to them of your own volition.
You don't know what kind of weird world they come from, but you trust in the fact that you still have your own mind, your own thoughts. Just because you were transformed doesn't mean that you have a different mind and personality than you did prior... and you're going to stick to that strength with all that you have.
That's what you tell yourself, at least.
That's what you tell yourself for the first three days that you are here. You think, for a time, about simply refusing food or water until someone has to come in and explain what's happening... but as soon as you see the meat slid through the feeder in front of you, you feel your stomach rumble. You manage to refuse the first time, and you watch as the males come out and eat; to your chagrin, they leave enough for you, so it tempts you through the night.
The second night though, the keepers of the zoo come and press the food closer to you... and you see that they are the same strange color as everyone else. When you yell for them to explain themselves, they simply walk away.
They don't understand you any more than anyone else does.
Where are you?

Written by Karlyene on 14 October 2020

Biology emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

There's no reason to refuse the food, and you eat this time, snagging your portion and dragging it back to the corner that you have set up in. A part of you wants to explore the cave where the males retreat. It seems like there are creature comforts in there, and warmth. Connection -- your mind is telling you that you want that connection, even though everything else about you is still attempting to rebuke your newfound circumstances, and refusing to allow yourself to cave in to those needs.
Biology, it seems, has another idea entirely.
You don't know what's happening at first -- your eyes glance up to the lights above you, to the heaters and air conditioners that they have carefully placed around the enclosure to ensure that it is climate controlled.
Nothing has changed, as far as you can tell, but you're hot. It burns beneath your skin and makes a lot groan spill out of your throat. It makes you shift uncomfortably on your haunches, makes the breath catch in your chest until you're not sure that you can inhale around it.
You have no idea where this sensation has come from, but it forces you to get up from your position that you've so carefully guarded and take a step forward.
The motion makes the fire that was pooling in your body flame to life, and for a moment the sensation steals your breath away. You've never felt anything like this before, and your mind can't seem to wrap around what's happening to you. It doesn't know what the instincts running through your body are, but your feet start to carry you towards the cavern.
The males are waiting there.
You stop then; it takes all of the strength that you have to do so, but you bring your feet to a halt. You take a deep breath, and it does nothing to quench the flames that are roaring through you, the need that is so strong that it makes your wings flex and the strength of them actually propels you forward another inch.

Written by Karlyene on 16 October 2020

Resist emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You say this word to yourself and you decidedly turn and walk in the other direction, but your body is burning and your mind is reeling, and you're finding yourself suddenly very concerned with what is happening.
Because there's a thought trickling in the back of your mind about what it could be... an image in your head from watching Animal Planet, and from the way that your dogs used to act before they'd pop out pups a few months later.
Could it be that the biology of the creature that you were transformed into includes going into heat? The thought makes you shudder, because the last thing that you want it to be mounted by males, to be impregnated -- you'd truly become part of the zoo then, wouldn't you? A mother.
You aren't a mother.
You aren't a female.
You aren't a Sphynx. You're a man.
You try to tell your mind this and you force yourself to take more steps forward, faster and faster until you're running the edge of the enclosure. You know that it's a fruitless endeavor, because the enclosure is just a great big circle; the wings on your back carry you into flight for the first time, and you soar through the air, hitting at the top of the cage as though you can somehow phase through it.
But you can't... and your body isn't used to using the wings so you soon light back to the ground... and find yourself back in the spot where you started.
With your back pressed against the wall.
With your body burning.
With instinct roaring through you and damn near demanding that you step forward towards the cavern that waits for you, the males who are still standing there and watching you with careful and eager eyes that you know you aren't going to be able to resist for much longer.
You try to sit down again -- it doesn't feel right. It makes your body hurt.
You take a step forward, and your head reels with the want that is pouring through you.
You try to freeze your muscles.
To stop yourself.
But it doesn't seem like you can.

Written by Karlyene on 18 October 2020

Give in emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Your feet carrying you forward against your will, and the eyes that are looking in your direction seem to flare to life, as though they can sense your ascent to the situation that is happening, your inability to fight your own instincts any longer. You're still trying, but you know that it's a failed endeavor, and more than that, with each step that you take towards the cave, something inside of your body is starting to feel better.
You've been fighting the situation that you're in this entire time. You haven't allowed yourself even a moment of acceptance, or the ability to just enjoy yourself for whatever there is to enjoy. There's so many things that you've been ignoring, and the cavern is one of them.
It's perfectly tailored to what you are -- there are nests, empty nests in the back edges of it. The sight of that makes your body burn. There are pits of water to play in, curving, warm rocks that are heated from the outside to make it even more comfortable. It is truly tailored in here for the most comfort...
And it smells like a pack -- it smells like comfort and fur and feathers and home.
You jerk your head to the side with a snort of derision. Home smells like microwaveable food and beer. Not like a cave full of creatures. You remind yourself of that even as you continue to step forward, and as the males start to fan and spread out around you. You show them your teeth, still unwilling to give in to the instincts that are telling you you'd to best just to lay down and allow nature to take its course.
You don't want want it.
You do want it.
Your confusion is a rampant thing that is pulsing and pouring through your entire body with such strength that you're not sure you're going to be able to resist it any more.
Especially when they circle close, their wings stretching to spread out -- it's a display of strength, prowess, and you know that you respond to it somewhere deep inside, because it makes your own wings flutter with a trill of excitement. You want to turn a circle, to present them for a moment with your back; you want to give in to your instinct. They continue to circle you, doing their dance, so right in how it feels as it pulses through your body, telling ever nerve ending that you have that these males are presentable, that they're capable of bringing you good, strong offspring.
And though you want to fight it, the burning in your body is too much. The need to feel close to someone or something races through you and takes over whatever human instincts you might have left.
You turn.
You lay down in admission.
And you feel it when they approach.

Written by Karlyene on 20 October 2020


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