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Daniel was enthralled in developing her newest riddle when her cell door swung open for the first time in quite a long time. Her eyes light up just like they did that first time, but this time seeing a scientist was no let down. It was time for her to act. She barreled right into the scientist, the headbut sent them sprawing out into the hallway. If there was one thing these changes had given her, it was great physical strength.


There were angered yells and concerned orders being barked as Daniel bounded through the halls. Her fantastic hearing allowed her to avoid turning down a hall and right into an ambush and her strong feline legs carried her through any danger that might have been thrown her way.


She was high on adrenaline as she rushed through the facility. She didn’t even know where she was going, instead following a series of gut feelings and focusing her efforts on confusing those people chasing her. At one moment she found herself next to what looked like a break room. It would have been nothing to her, if not for the glimpse of a discarded newspaper on a chair.


Assuming she had some time to burn she slinked into the room and checked the paper out. The date seemed to be over a month and a half after the day she had first come to Area 50, a fact that made her escape all the more urgent. However she was also quickly distracted by the half started sudoku puzzle. She wanted to solve it right there on the spot, but her lack of proper writing utensil, a way to use said utensil if she even had one, or let alone the time to do so now. This didn’t stop her from scooping the newspaper in her mouth and running off with it for later however.


Written by Kolaghan on 28 May 2018


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