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In the end Daniel managed to find an exit. Somewhat ironically, that exit came in the form of an access hatch very much like the one she had crawled through when this all started. Unlike that first time however there was no doubt in Daniel’s mind as she scrambled through it. She was driven and ready this time, all her time in confinement was finally coming to an end.


It was night when she finally was outside. It was strange at first, to feel a ground below her that wasn’t cold concrete or to feel a breeze on her nude body. There was a foreign feeling to all of it, made even more weird by the fact that this should feel normal to her. But it has been so long and so much had indeed happened. It made sense in a sad way.


She started trying to find her way towards the exit as best she could. It didn’t take long for her to find her way out and into the wooded area nearby. Daniel fought the distinct urge to go home and tell everybody about what she had seen. Her appearance would not be well received by anyone, and that was not even factoring in the dangers of the people from Area 50 finding her. So instead Daniel decided to lay low for a while and make a move to getting her story out when the time felt right.


Written by Kolaghan on 30 May 2018

Weeks Later

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