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Daniel didn’t really want to go to with Jake, especially not with the way he kept on constantly looking at her with that hungry eyes of his, but it was not like Daniel had a choice. Pammy refused to take him in, not wanting to be bothered by her presence in her house. And since the only girl in the group had refused, Daniel had left by herself to choose from one of the three boys. Jake was actually his last choice, but Gassan and David had to make previous arrangements first before they could bring the female in, which meant that Daniel would either had to pick Jake, or risk going home by herself.


Gassan and David lived with their families, which was why they couldn’t just immediately brought her back. Jake was currently living alone by himself, since both of his parents were away on a business trip. Well, Daniel assumed there were worse options, so she accepted the offer, even though she was still rather unsure at heart. Would she really be save with this boy?


Jake was ecstatic when he heard of her choice, of course. He had been jumping up and down in circle the moment he heard it — it was as if his long craved dream had come true.


Daniel was unsure at first, especially knowing how he eyed her. Though surprisingly, Jake was very supportive and welcoming when they arrived at his home — which actually served more like a mansion. He provided her with a private guestroom for her to stay in, which was way more than accommodating; queen-sized bed, large bedroom, and even a bathroom bigger than her own bedroom from back home. Jack let her stay and fed her. He even went as far as buying some new clothes for her, even though they were all dressed, which Daniel was not used to wear, but knew she had to get used to since she was not a female. They knew that Daniel couldn’t go out by herself, considering her appearance, which was why the boy took matters into his own hands. Still, Daniel was grateful.


Jake even started calling her Danny, a nickname he gave to her, to match her new looks. She wasn’t sure about it at first, but as usual, she grew used to it. Though she drew the finale line when Jake had attempted to introduce her to his furry obsession. She didn’t need to know that.


Still, Danny wasn’t so sure. Should she try to stay in Jake’s house, or move out?


Written by Stella Purple on 27 June 2017

Stay and give Jake a chance.

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