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She was still cautious around Jake, much because his eyes kept on reeling on her body, especially when she was wearing one of those tight-fitting dresses that he had bought for her. It showed her new curves complementary, and she knew that he was itching to touch her, despite how hard he tried to control himself.


One night, Danny had a nightmare. She had dreamed of ‘them’ approaching her again, wanting to do experiments on her body. She had cried herself to wake, and when she did, she found Jake already leaning against her on her bed, trying to calm her down by whispering sweet nothings. Danny was surprised by his presence at first, had jolted when she found herself in his arms, lying against him in such a compromising position in such a lack of appropriate dressing state, but Jake had been nothing but helpful. In the end, Danny thought that perhaps staying with him was not the worst thing that could have happened, before drifting back to sleep (but not before pushing Jake’s hand off her butt, in which he smiled sheepishly).


Written by Stella Purple on 01 July 2017

A Good Ending

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