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Was he alive? It was a miracle that this transformation of sorts didn't destroy his mind, but he wondered if this was a positive thing; he was curious to see what happened to his body. Was it real, or was it just an illusion, pushed by a nefarious hallucinogen?
He decided to look at his arm, determined to challenge the image in his mind; when he gazed upon himself, he realized that it wasn't just a hallucination, for fur was covering his arm. It didn't take long for him to figure out that the rest of his body was also covered with the same substance, making him wonder why someone would do such a thing to him.
What he saw reminded him of a lion; for sure, the people behind this operation didn't turn him into one, for he was still able to think. Was he still able to talk? Taking a chance, he decided to let out of few random words; there was something different about his voice, but at least he could still communicate. Maybe they wanted to mix both species together? If so, what would have been the point of such a thing?
Taking a moment to relax, he decided to bring his shoulders together, only to feel something flap, as if he had something else attached to his back. Moving his shoulder blades again, he realized that he had wings now, an element that surprised him.
He was a lion with wings, some sort of strange hybrid, although he was sure that were was a name for this combination. As he racked his mind on it, a name appeared; it was sphinx, the mythical creature of old, the one from the Egyptian tales. But why would he be turned into that sort of creature in the first place was beyond him though…
``Welcome back, test subject SPH-001F. We are pleased to see that you have finished your transformation without losing your mind. Further information will be given to you, but for now, try to get some rest, as the process drained your body'' said the metallic voice, stopping as soon as it delivered his message, leaving him perplexed and a bit angry.
He was about to get back to the room, to change his mind when he heard the voice again, asking for his attention. ``Subject SPH-001F, it seems like there was a slight mistake in the dosage you were given; a single injection will correct the situation'' added the metallic voice, as another syringe plunge into his arm, making him cringe for a moment.
What would this injection do to him? He waited for a moment, wondering if it would do anything, but as nothing happened, he decided to walk back to his room. But as he took the decision, he felt a strange sensation in his loins and his chest, as if something was growing and shrinking at the same time.
Passing a paw on both regions, he felt small spheres on his chest, spheres that were not present on him a moment ago. As he passed on his loins, he had the impression that he was going smooth, his original gender being erased. Perhaps it was his imagination...
He decided to lie in the bed that offered to him, knowing that whatever was going to happen, he wouldn't be able to stop it anyway...
``Subject is receptive to powerful hormonal treatment; when SPH-001F will be in deep slumber, another shot will be administrated, to complete the experiment. From there, she will be able to join the training facility'' noted the metallic voice, as everything went dark, once more...

Written by zanian on 20 August 2014

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