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It has been a few days since Daniel went missing; although he was a quiet character, he was still someone that was pleasant to have around, for he was a good confidant and an attentive listener.


The authorities were still searching for him, questioning everyone that knew him, so they could have some sort of clue about his whereabouts, like they would with any disappearance, hoping that the students and the family would be able to help with the investigation.
However, little success followed their initiative, as no one was able to provide them a decent answer; he was, after all, a background character, one that slinked in the shadows without making much of ruckus around himself. His discretion was his own demise, as no one was able to remember his presence at the mentioned day. After all, who would remember a student that didn't stand out of the crowd, if they didn't know him?


Although, it was surprising that the gang wasn't able to answer; Gassam, David, Pammy and Jake stayed silent on his fate, as if they never knew him in the first place. One could even believe that they didn't care about his possible demise, as if he was just a disposable character, one that filled the background of their journey without marking their days, a simple figure in the grand play of their daily life.


But they weren't as cold and detached; the image they projected was a simple bluff, one that they needed to create, so life could go on without suspicions clinging on to them, for they knew the cause of this event.
As the police roamed the school ground once more, searching for a clue that they could have forgotten, the gang was hanging out behind the gym, wondering what they could do. Although it wasn't the result they expected, they knew it was a consequence that could happen to all of them if they would meddle with elements that surpassed their comprehension.


``As you all know, Daniel has gone missing; we don't know if he ran away, afraid of what he saw or if he was captured. Either way, we can't tell the police what happened, before we find him and figure what happened over there'' said David, as he was playing with the trim of his t-shirt, trying to hide his stress without being able to do so.


They looked at each other for a moment, unsure of what to say or to do; although he was a silent member, one that wasn't the most prominent, he was also a decent person, one that they could always count on. The fact that he volunteered for this dangerous mission, while they stayed behind was enough of a motivation to do something, but what?

Written by zanian on 24 September 2014

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