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"Hopefully she is's been a whole day since she replied to my messages..." Jack said going back to his computer.


Tyler's body dropped off in the alley of a bustling city, right next to the dumpster. She slowly got back up to her feet and dusted herself off. She looked around and noticed all the anthros walking around of varying sexes and ages, however all were clothed.


"Tyler, you there? You okay?" Jack's voice played in his head.


"Y-yeah. Thanks for your concern." Tyler said a bit annoyed. "Couldn't you have told me all of this beforehand?"


"In hindsight yeah. That's my bad. Party foul. Also I meant to give you some clothes before you got transported but we talked for too long, although that one was on you."


"Fine, whatever. Can you at least give me clothes?"


"Give me a moment." Jack said before shutting off this communicator, Tyler hearing a small beep and what sounded like a phone hanging up.


"Excuse me ma'am? Are you okay?" a man's voice said coming from the end of the alley.


"J-just fine and dandy!" Tyler said blushing harshly.


"Someone there with you telling you to say that? I'm coming to help you!" he said as Tyler heard the footsteps get closer, seeing a male otter come into his vision.


"Gah! I'm sorry!" he said putting his arms over his eyes, Tyler covering his breasts and privates despite the feathers covering them.


"Y-you can look now." Tyler said, her whole face red with embarrassment.


The otter looked back with a nervous smile. "You're still naked." he commented.


"That should be fixed soon...hopefully." she said back with a forced smile.


"I'll look away." he said turning his head. "I'm Blake by the way."


"I'm T-" she paused for a moment, realizing a girl named Tyler didn't make much sense. "Tina. I'm Tina. I'm new here." she said back nervously. As she finished, a tank top along with a bra and panties and jeans fell through a portal. "Oh thank God." she said, quickly putting on all of the clothing, the bra quite literally lifting a weight off her shoulders. "I'm in clothes now. You can look."


"Okay then...where did you get clothes?" Blake said with a raised eyebrow.


"L-long story." she said rubbing her arm.


"Why don't you tell me over dinner?" he asked. "There's this new BBQ place that opened up that looked pretty good."

Written by vinomath on 19 June 2017


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