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Tyler was a bit dumbfounded, she had only been here for a few minutes and was already getting asked out on a date. She decided to accept, maybe ask about the scientist Jack wanted him to look for. "Sure, that sounds lovely." she said smiling, more surprised that she sounded genuine.


"Come on then!" the otter said holding his hand out.


"I'll be right there. Meet me at the end of the alley?"


"Sure, just don't leave me hanging out there.” he laughed before turning back and walking out.


"Got a date already? Didn't expect you to fall into one so fast." Jack said in Tyler's mind.


"I'm doing it for you, I'm going to ask about the scientist to, what's her name?"


"Cassie. Make sure you do."


"And hey, if I'm going to be stuck as a girl for this long I may as well get the most out of the experience. A date seems like a good way to start. Plus I don't have to pay."


"Whatever you say Tina." Jack laughed before shutting off the communication.


Tyler walked out and greeted Blake with a smile. "I'm ready to eat!" she said smiling genuinely for the first time since she talked to Lisa. Blake wrapped his arm around Tyler and she found herself resting her head on his shoulder. Maybe finding Cassie could wait. Right now she just wanted to learn more about Blake! A tasty BBQ'd fish meal did sound tasty after all.


The two ate dinner and Tina (Tyler now referring to herself as that even mentally) went home with Blake where they kept the night going. She explained a bit of the situation, how she was helping a friend find a scientist named Cassie and then she had the option to return home. Although, she added on she hadn't been this happy in a while, and if Blake would allow, she'd like to stay with him until that time came. Not only that, but if she found her life with Blake more enjoyable then back home (which this day alone made it seem likely) she'd like to stay here permanently.


She and Blake went to sleep, Blake falling asleep with his arm over her. This had made Tina feel safe and secure and brought a smile to her face as she drifted into sleep. In her subconscious, she saw Jack standing there.


"Heyo, I'm in your mind!" he said proudly.


"How'd you get here?" she asked a bit surprised.


"That communicator thing, it's complicated science stuff. You wouldn't understand." he answered. "Anyways, I heard all you told Blake. If that's what you want I do support it."


"Thank you." she said blushing looking down. "I didn't expect to fall into this body so quick. Is it just new hormones making me feel this way?"


"No, love is love. I didn't do anything to make you feel anything different in that regard. So congrats on finding love? Only a woman for two minutes and you found yourself a mate. That's some good luck."


"I guess it is." she said with a weak smile and a hand on her arm.


"Just remember to find Cassie okay? You found love and I want to make sure mine is fine."


"It was about a girl then!" she said laughing pointing at him. "I knew it!"


"You got me." he said putting his hands off laughing. "But please, make sure she is okay. I'm worried about her..."


"I will. You can count on me."


Written by vinomath on 24 June 2017

The end (for now)

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