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“Remember, stay back,” the dark Pokémon reminded, flicking his gaze over to where you were. You nodded your head in agreement. There was no way you were going out there anyways!


Rhydon stomped forward, his right paw beginning to glow a bright blue. This was a familiar move that Absol wouldn’t mistake.


The said white Pokémon leaped into the air, barely avoiding the Mega Punch the Rhydon had to offer by just merely a few inches. He whipped around, his horn flashing before increasing twice its size, rays of light pulsing from it. Tossing his head forward, Absol’s horn collided against the Rhydon’s own horn, waves of strong energy exploding upon contact.


You shrieked as dust collected up into the air, your vision blurring as it surrounded the area. Covering your head, you waited for a few moments, your ears twitching at every single sound that managed to make its way into the air.


Rhydon backed up, its eyes squeezed shut hard to prevent dust from going into them. Growling, the Pokémon’s horn lit up, beginning to spin, faster and faster until it represented that of a working drill. Horn drill. Then, it charged forward, a blue force radiating off its head as it aimed at its target.


Absol hissed, jumping into the air once more as he opened his jaws, dark rings of energy sizzling into sparks. He exhaled, a Dark Pulse blasting out of his mouth. The string of round dark rings overturned each other, speeding toward the grey Pokémon.


The horn drill and Dark Pulse collided against each other, sending powerful forces outward, knocking both Pokémon several feet back.


You jumped again, fear overtaking your body at the excessive loud sounds. You lifted your head, peeking over the rock’s edgy surface at the commotion up ahead.


Absol was laying there, on his side. He seemed to be unconscious, but was still moving, beginning to slowly get up. There were cuts amongst his body, and what seemed like a bruise starting to grow on his cheek. He must’ve probably hit the ground real hard…


You gasped in shock as the Rhydon was recovering faster than him, preparing another attack.


Absol blinked, recognizing this new move. Rhydon was preparing to use Take Down.


And he wasn’t ready for it…


The grey giant Pokémon ran forward, his drill spinning wildly as he aimed it at Absol.


You gasped, your expression falling as you watched.

Written by Demonicor666 on 23 November 2016

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