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‘No!’ you thought, immediately jumping forward, finding yourself running on all fours. Hissing, you jumped onto the Rhydon’s back.


The grey Pokémon shrieked out in surprise, losing control of his balance. It threw itself to the side, smashing into a couple of boulders. The floor shook wildly, and you panicked, terror seizing you in its claws. Pieces of rocks began tumbling toward you, and you rushed down Rhydon’s back, shrieking and jumping as you tried to avoid them from hitting you.


You finally collided onto the ground, landing on your neck, the force bringing your body upwards until you made a complete flip. Grunting, you slowly get up, wincing as shocks of pain pulsed throughout your body.


You blinked as you made eye contact with Absol, whom of which jerked his head back, gesturing to the plains.


“Come on!” he said, beginning to dash toward the glass, and you quickly ran in pursuit. You didn’t dare look back to see if the Rhydon was chasing you two again.


Minutes passed, but it seemed like an hour.


You and Absol began slowing down near a waterfall, panting heavily from the excessive non-stop running.


Absol took in a deep breath, exhaling right after in a relieved sigh. He lowered himself into a sitting position, staring at his reflection before averting his gaze up at you.


“I’m impressed,” he breathed calmly, putting on a small smirk. “You saved me back there. I hadn’t expected such a thing from you…”


You tilted her head, putting on a sheepish grin and rubbing the back of your head. It was nothing. You supposed it was what you had to do, right? It wasn’t anything spectacular.


“Usually your species are scared of putting themselves in danger. Thank you.”


You sat down, nodding.


“Well…You’ve still got a big journey ahead of you,” the white Pokémon stated with a flick of his tail, leaning down and drinking water from the stream.


You sighed, shivering at the thought. Are you going to survive…? You weren’t sure if you were ready. Do you even have the guts? Was it going to be worse than what you faced back there with that Rhydon? You hoped not…


But of course, the future holds things that are unpredictable.

Written by Demonicor666 on 08 December 2016

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