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Her skin eased to a light grey color, the flesh of her now much smaller body fairly smooth. Her no rounded, feminine face took on the grey tone, and once again, numbness blocked the pain as her face underwent its own transformation. Daniel’s hair seemed to dissolve away like her clothes, her head became much more rounded, and a snout formed as his face was shaped and molded effortlessly. In a few more moments, her new form was complete; Daniel’s once human, male body - now female - had been transformed to that of a seal; colored grey; dark spots and flecks covered the lower half of her new, small body, mostly along her underbelly and chest. Daniel couldn’t help but grin, taking in her strange form, ridden with awe and wonder all the while; she even tested it out, swimming further out. Her fins and the force of the water did most of the work, even as she swam almost playfully in a circle, enjoying the smooth movements her body offered with each flick of a fin or swish of his tail.


The further out she swam, the more free Daniel honestly felt. The water’s comforting embrace around her kept the smile on his face as she swam a little further, only to pick up speed as he darted upwards toward the rippling image of the setting sun above. The seal broke the surface of the water, soaring for a split second before Daniel dived back in. Relishing in her new freedom, a new life as she embraced the old memories that came rushing back - a Selkie mother birthing what had once been her son, her father and friends locking away her coat - the life she was supposed to have from the very start.


All she wanted now was this new life; for as many years as it would allow her to live, as she swam deep down, toward the dark abyss of the ocean she now called her home.

Written by monochromecheshire on 20 May 2017

Into the Ocean

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