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Daniel smiled as she made her way into the depths of the ocean, her pretty tail swishing behind her all the while. The new sense of freedom that had overcome her was overwhelming; in a good way, however. Her brand new form granted her numerous enhanced senses and abilities, with an acute awareness of her surroundings even as she swam around in the dark water. This was absolutely wonderful; this new form was definitely nothing like what Daniel had expected, and in a way, that was the really fun part - it was strange, exciting, and a mystery all on it’s own; something that the selkie would have to discover all on her own. This is amazing...I can’t believe this.


This isn’t a dream, this is actually real, it’s happening, it’s Excitable thoughts raced through the selkie’s mind, as prodding questions and wonders invaded it.


There had to be more like her, besides her mother; surely they lived deep down in the ocean, where thousands of sea creatures swam and scuttled away from the prying eyes of human beings. Besides, a good majority of the ocean had been left unexplored; if selkies existed, who knew what else resided in the deep, dark waters below? The sense of wonder was in a way, rather overwhelming for Daniel as well, especially with her new or enhanced senses. Her eyesight had improved significantly, alongside her sense of smell and swimming ability. She could detect most things in her surroundings at this point; in a way, she was what many humans wished they could be - extraordinary.


With a grin, Daniel couldn’t help but spin about in the water as she swam, testing the extent of her swimming abilities, and the lovely tail swishing around with her; her tail helped the selkie in propelling herself forward in quick bursts of movement and speed. Hell, swimming alone was a brand new experience as a selkie; there was so much she could do that a human never could, moving so gracefully in the water despite only just being adjusted to the new form. Daniel’s grin widened as she swam; each flick and swish of her tail manipulated the tiniest thing, from speed to movement in a single gesture. It was honestly rather amazing, and Daniel was confident that nothing could help her get over that at this point. From a simple movement to a new or even heightened sense, it was all so foreign and odd, but it felt so right, strangely enough.


As she made her way through the water, Daniel took notice of a flicker of movement beneath her - she could’ve sworn a tail had flickered into her view, at the corner of her eye. Straightening up, Daniel focused her attention on her brand new surroundings, narrowing her eyes a lil - they’d adjusted to the once unsettling darkness of the waters already, so it didn’t take her long to notice what she’d seen before. The tip of a tail flickered behind a patch of dying coral, seal-like by the looks of it; perhaps it was another selkie, like her? It definitely didn’t look like a shark; that was undoubtedly the tail of a seal, Daniel was sure of it!


Written by monochromecheshire on 05 August 2017

Follow the tail

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