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"God... Fuck.... I don't know...." You take in a shuddering breath. The pads of your paws are starting to throb with every step. You're not sure how long you've been walking, but you know that it's been surprisingly long.


"I guess you're less likely to be attacked if you're alone?" You muse, but the information just falls flat in your mouth, doesn't have the same definitive ring as before. You realize the difference between your own musing and true knowledge.


You continue to plod onward. Your eyes sweep across the landscape, this way and that. Left to right. Constantly sweeping, searching. All you see is the crusted snow of the changing land. You can see the white expanse stretch up to where it kisses to the sky, a thin faded line of white and blue fusing into one.


With every step, you hear the faint crunch of the the iced over snow. You feel its slight bite against your bare paws, but it isn't painful.


You scan the expanse again, searching for details that had shifted or changed. Out of the corner of one eye, you catch a tint that contrasts the shades of pale white. "What is that....?" You muse, voice trailing off into nothing as your eyes squint to see further.


You keep trudging forward. A single glance over your shoulder reveals a long strand of your footsteps flying backwards to the end of the horizon on the other side. One by one, the imprints of your paws fade into specs at the straining edge of your sight before you can no longer see where they exist in the white spread.


"Well, let's investigate what that sparkle is..." You mumbled to yourself, almost of a reminder of your focus. Your feet keep stomping forward until you see the shape sharpening in focus in front of you.


The further you moved upwards, you could see the boxy shape starting to come to life in front of you. "Is that... what I think it is?" You blurt, a flutter of excitement bursting out with your eager realization that the object glinting in front of you is a treasure chest like where your group had found their hammers.


You lunge forward, eagerly throwing yourself towards this exciting discovery. At first, you struggle to get your fingers to work on the latch of the treasure chest. It's not locked, but after so long simply trudging along in the cold your fingers had stiffened up and locked into their casual, curled positions.


"Come on... Come on..." You yanked at the locked, finally freely the clasp open and throwing up the lid of the trunk. For a second, you just stare into the box. Your eyes search around into the shadowed inside.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 28 May 2017

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