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The First Rule of Fight Club: Never Make The First Move! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"The answer to come as we feel the need!"
"Bringing the blinding white light of evil into the future!"
"Thrusting the hammer of justice down onto the blackness of the universe!"


Oh god, it's the motto from Pokèmon Black & White, you think to yourself. This only means they'll be tough right away.


"And carving our names in the Rock of Eternity!"
"The fiery destroyer, Jessie!"
"And with thunderous emotion, I am James!"
"Wisest of the wise! Meowth!"


If Meowth is so wise, then why don't those guys ever win? You counter in your head.


"Now gather! All in the name of Team rocket!"


"You three really need a new target. I mean, do you really have nothing better to do than hunt down Ash's Pikachu?" you ask. What am I getting myself into? You think briefly.
"Why can't you just leave us alone?!" Pikachu shouts next to you. You turn and raise your eyebrow when you realize you can understand him, but you're not surprised. You are half Pokèmon after all.
"For your information, brat, we aren't here for the twerp's Pikachu!" James says.
"We just came to get payback for the humiliation we got last week." Jessie says darkly. You give Ash a humored look. You decide you wanted to hear this later.
"Well, I'm sorry guys but revenge isn't on the menu." You say, turning back to the jokes in front of you.
"Then we'll just have to take it by force!" Meowth says, readying an attack. Obviously, you'd riled him up. He was about to make the first move, just like you wanted it. Right away, you focus your energy into your hands, preparing your own move.
"Fury swipe!" Meowth uses his move, aiming right at you. You easily sidestep him and axe kick him into the ground. You surged electricity into your leg, causing extra damage to him. Everyone present gasps in surprise at your reaction speed. Even you're a little shocked with your speed (no pun intended). With Meowth pinned beneath you, you turn your attention to the team.
"And that's why you never make the first move in close range combat." You say smugly. "It makes you that much easier to wipe out." You know you want to pull off something to impress Team Rocket and Ash and friends so you rapidly go through a list of your moves to find the perfect move

Written by GameHero on 18 November 2013

Both Electro Ball/ Volt Tackle Combo
Both Thundershock/Quick Attack Combo
Both Rain Dance+Thunder(Only if you have a water pokemon costume)

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