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Got it! you think as you come upon a powerful combo. Using the energy you put in your arms earlier, you create and hold two electro balls, standing ready to use them.


"Whoa, what's that move?" Ash asks behind you.


"It's electro ball, and I'm about to combine it with another move to double the damage." You tell him. At this Ash looks at you with renewed awe.


"But won't that mean doubled effort too?" Misty asks.


"I don't know but I'm about to find out." You say. Jessie and James now have their Pokèmon out and the odds don't look good. James has out a sandslash, which is a ground type so your electric moves won't work on it. Jessie however has out a seviper, which isn't resistant or weak against electric types. You begin charging up electricity as you run towards it, generating a powerful volt tackle as you pick up speed.


Jessie and James are obviously shocked at your combo, but Jessie looks afraid.


"Sandslash stop the attack!" James cries out. Apparently, he's is well aware of a ground type's immunity to electric type moves. Sandslash jumps in front of Seviper, ready to take the blow, but its no use. Just when it seems like there's no change of stopping getting past Sandslash, you quick-step to the side, and pull a sharp instant turn to Seviper, slamming your combined attacks into it. Seviper is knocked out by your mixed attack, leaving only the Sandslash to deal with.


Everyone around you freezes in either shock or surprise at your amazing speed, unable to even comment on your performance. You decide now would be the best time to take out the Sandslash. Knowing your electric type moves won't affect him, you opt for an Iron Tail. When the move activates, you twist around and slam it into sandslash three times in a row, knocking it down to the ground.


As soon as it's clear the enemy Pokemon can't fight anymore, you turn a cocky smile to Jessie and James, snapping back to reality.


"Who's next?" you ask, though you're just bluffing. Those attacks really took a lot of energy; you can hardly stand up! The trio immediatly recalled their Pokemon and scrambled to retreat in extreme haste. As soon as they were out of sight, you collapse to your knees breathing heavily. Ash and Misty gasp in shock


"Hey! Are you alright?!" Ash shouts running to you. You gaze up at him with an exhausted smirk. You flash the two trainers a thumbs-up before passing out.

Written by GameHero on 18 November 2013

The end (for now)

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