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“Heh. If you think the outside is impressive, just wait until you see what it looks like inside.” The two tread up the front steps. Zachariah opens the gilded, unlocked door and gestures for Gideon to enter.


Immediately as soon as Gideon crossed the threshold, he let out an audible, “Woah.” From the floor to the ceiling is looked as if there were a mile between the two. The floor was tiled in blue, white, and gold marble. Modern-looking lights lit up the foyer and the hallways while a giant chandelier hung from the ceiling like a spider on its silk strand. Stairs were frequent and ivory white, with two sets in particular at the end ahead of Gideon centered in the foyer leading up to either side of a grand indoor balcony. How the hell did Zachariah get his hands on a place like this?


Speaking of the devil, he nudged Gideon’s shoulder. “I’ll make sure you don’t get lost,” he said with a wink. The shapeshifter led him at first down a hall to the left and further along many twists and turns with countless doors on either side. Pictures and painting of people and places that Gideon couldn’t recognize hung everywhere on the walls. Zachariah was in a number of these paintings and pictures, often with the same people that he saw multiple times in others. Gideon considered asking him about it, but Zachariah didn’t give him a chance. They came across a set of two large, dark wooden doors that Zachariah pushes open.


Beyond the doors lay a dining room capable of housing an army with dozens upon dozens of tables, each ranging in size and shape from squares, to rectangle, to circles and able to seat as few as a handful of people or as many as dozens. Leading him to a small, circular table, Zachariah urges Gideon to take a seat. He leaves and passes through another set of doors presumably to the kitchen, forcing Gideon to continue taking in the absurdly large scale of this place. In sheer scope alone, it probably gave the Palace of Versailles a good run for its money. After some ten minutes or so, Zachariah returns with several plates, cups, bowls, jugs, kettles and silverware filled with food and drink, somehow managing to carry them all himself. He sets the table and distributes the food before seating himself in front of Gideon. “Enjoy.”


The two eat their meal and as they do so, Zachariah says, “You must have quite a few questions to ask me, Gideon. However, I have more matters to attend to today and many of your questions will have long answers. That being said, which would you rather know about: The world which you’re on or me and my ability to transform?”


Written by KnightofFellsia on 19 May 2018

Odd World

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