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“Ah yes, quite understandable why you’d go with that one. I suppose the best place to begin is at the beginning, naturally. Several hundred years ago, there was nothing here. Nothing, absolutely nothing. No light, no darkness, no time, no space. But one day, an entire universe came into existence, or at least the basis for one, when a new god wished to create a place to call a permanent home, a sanctuary away from his many enemies, and a place to rest in between his adventures and travels. In a matter of weeks, he made a good deal of the universe: This planet of Noctis and all its terrain, the three moons that act as both moons and stars, a number of the stars and celestials in the sky far away from here that he would add onto over the years.


“But what is a world, a universe, without people? Over his many years, the new god had encountered countless people, killed countless more, and befriended a number of them all the same. The prospected of creating intelligent, sentient life utterly terrified the god, for he had never attempted to do before and feared he would create a monster—a mistake—that would exist in agony that would loathe and curse the deity. He knew he couldn’t dive right into such an act, no. Instead, he would start with plants. Plants are very simple in comparison to the more complex forms of life, and so he created all the plants on and off the land, which he found surprisingly easy. Then came the animals. These would be his first real lives. To prepare, he became the animals so that he could understand how they functioned and what they were like. From the smallest insect to the mightiest and most intelligent of dragons, the god populated animals that would serve as companions and resources to his people.


“After the dragons, making humanoids would be a piece of cake. However, as he thought of what his people would be, he also thought of the many species he had come across in his days: Humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, imps, fairies and fay, and many others, were often repeated. There were a great deal of unique sentience the god had encountered, many strange or what he found to be creative and interesting. His mind drifted to the animals he had transformed into and created. Why not combine the ideas? Humanoids that could become animals. The idea stuck like glue, and so the god went to work on creating human-animal hybrids, dozens of tribes to populate the planet’s many biomes on the land and in the sea: Deer, wolves, foxes, bears, spiders, scorpions, snakes, sharks, whales, dolphins, squid, eagles, ravens, crows, dragons, and many others, each greatly unique from each other. And regardless of whether these people came from prey, predator, or scavengers, all the races loved their fellow brothers and sisters that their father had created. From that day onward, the races of Noctis lived their lives in peace and happiness as their god came and went from the realm he created, frequently visiting his people when he could, for many reasons.”
“… Where is he then?” Gideon asked. He felt he knew the answer.


Zachariah smiled, and as his lips curled a tiny spark went flying through his inhuman eyes. “I can’t really say. He drops by from time to time since we are in his home afterall, but he’s rather busy and doesn’t come around that much. Speaking of which… I’ve got to run.” Zachariah got up from the table and pushed the chair in. He started to walk away from Gideon back from where they came in before he paused and turned around. “Oh by the way, Gideon, you’ve got free run of the place. I’ll be back tomorrow, and we can talk more then.” Before he could say anything back, the shapeshifter walked through the door; as it shut behind him, Gideon could hear the faint caw of a crow from the other side of the door.

Written by KnightofFellsia on 23 May 2018

The end (for now)

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