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You catch a deer quickly. Its coat is odd—the fur is a rich, dark blue—but for all you know, blue deer are perfectly normal around here, so you don't worry about it and just sink your fangs into the succulent meat. Once you've finished eating, you sigh as you look at the blood you have gotten over everything again and look for somewhere nearby to clean yourself. You go over to the river and as you start washing you start to turn invisible! Fortunately, the unseen bits of you fade back into view as soon as they dry off. "OK" you think, "there is a lot of magic around the tower itself, so it makes sense that the land would have been affected by that magic." Unfortunately, the formerly-unseen bits come back a familiar shade of blue...


You turn to look at the tower which almost seems like it could fall down. It's easy to trace the barrier; you lope around the tower and tap on empty air, and soon you find a tunnel leading to the front door. But by the time you locate this entrance, you find that you're blue all over, skin and hair and fur alike. Even your claws are blue! You hope you don't acquire any other traits from your recent meal... and you also hope you won't need to eat again while you're close to the tower.


You open the door and immediately cough as a cloud of dust comes out. You look inside and see everything covered in a thick layer of dust. It looks like the wizard has not been here for a while. You think he would of had a spell to clean everything so this would not happen. Then again, maybe he did and the spell stopped working after he died? Of course there is the main barrier spell which is still working... Well, nobody ever said magic had to be logical.

Written by Catprog & Cubist on 07 September 2010


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