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Your heart stopped when one of the wolves looked you dead in the eye. For a moment you were frozen. Your paws were stuck to the ground. The wolf however, drew his eyes away, back towards the doe. The wolves seemed to be trying to drag the doe deeper into the forest.


Do they have pups back there too?


It was getting late. You mustered up the courage to move again and crept away as quickly and as quietly as you could. Relief washed over you as you stepped back into the clearing. You walked over to the vixen and the kits and sat near them. The other foxes must have been out hunting again. Some of them hunted during the day, as you did. The mother fox usually did since her kits were so active, they constantly played with each other.


The other foxes though preferred hunting at night. They were the foxes who often slept through the day. You were stuck on your ways, sleeping at night and hunting in the daytime. It was normal to you at least.


You shivered as the sky darkened and curled into a tight ball. It seemed tonight would be cold. You struggled to fall asleep with the chilly night air and surrounding you. Even when you finally managed to sleep it was short-lived and restless. You kept waking up shivering. You stood and went for a stroll hoping that would warm you up a bit.

Written by Vixerlen on 17 March 2018

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