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"Yeah, it's Jack. Where have you been these last two years why didn't you say anything, blah blah blah." the man said to Tyler. "I don't have time for any of them and can say later, you gotta come with me."


"You don't expect me to just drop everything and go with you. I'm with a girl right now! You know how long it's been since I had a date?"


"She's not interested, she just wanted to use you to get free drinks and a free ride. I hate to break it to you." Jack said back.


"How could you say that? You haven't even seen her!"


"Listen, I don't lie, not to you or anyone because I quite frankly don't care enough to. I ran a test on her from afar. Call her Drew Barrymore cause she's just not that into you."


"Ah man...I thought we had something." Tyler said looking down. "Wait, how'd you even do that!?"


"Love is a chemical and chemicals are science. It's actually really easy. Come on though, we have to go back to my lab. I have something important you need to help me with."


"I-I guess. I should tell Lisa I'm leaving. She said she'd save me a seat." Tyler said getting ready to turn around.


"Not enough time. Come on then." Jack said wrapping his arm around Tyler and hitting a button on his watch. There was some kind of blue ball that formed around them and in an instant, they were gone from the bar's parking lot and inside a shiny laboratory.


"Ugh...couldn't you have warned me you would do that?" Tyler said shrugging Jack's shoulders off, dusting himself off.


"I didn't really want to have to wait, this is more of an urgent thing okay?" Jack said going to one of his machine, typing something into a computer. "I need your help for a while because I can't exactly do it myself."


"And why me? Couldn't you of picked anyone else?" Tyler asked back a bit confused at the whole situation.


"It won't work unless it's someone who trusts me, and believe it or not you're kinda the only person who does, so congrats?"


"Really? No one else trusts you? Don't you have like a bunch of subjects you used to use?" Tyler asked with a raised eyebrow.


"I literally just said because they don't trust me, plus I've known you all my life and I did that thing with your brother so he, you know, didn't die?" Jack retorted.


"I don't even have a brother!" Tyler rebutted.


"Then who did I give cow legs to..." Jack pondered for a moment. "Gah, never mind! There are much bigger stakes at hand!"


"You know you say that, but you haven't really said what the stakes are? Is the world in danger? A giant egg flying towards it? What?" Tyler asked starting to get annoyed.


"Well uh, yes and no." Jack said rubbing the back of his head. "There's this alternate planet and universe that's in danger and I need your help."


"And why can't they help themselves?" Tyler crossed his arms.


"Jeez Tyler, how selfish can you be? There's this woman scientists there, she stopped replying to my messages and I fear something had happened to her."


"Wait-wait-wait, this is about a girl who stopped texting you? You took me away from my date because of this!?"


"Tyler, look at me. Shut up." Jack said holding his shoulders. "I already told you she was using you for free drinks, and besides if something did happen to her then a whole world is missing their top scientists. She cured speckles! You know how hard that is to cure?"


" I don't think that's a word..."


"Tell that to the four people that died from it. Now, are you going to help me or not?" Jack asked shaking him.


Tyler let out a heavy sigh then nodded. "’ve never led me wrong before. I'll do it."


"Great! Now then, things are going to get pretty complicated from here." Jack said going back to his computer.


"Quite frankly I'm all ears at this point.” Tyler said leaning on the wall.


Written by vinomath on 08 June 2017


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