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"You're going to have to put on this costume to er...blend in. It's a whole complicated thing where they only have animal people living there." Jack explained, what looked like a costume of a cockatoo fell down a tube. Jack got it out and handed it to Tyler. "This'll make you blend in better. Put it on. There's even some stuff that'll make it so you know what's going on in that world."


"O-okay?" Tyler said unfolding the costume. "So I just put it on then?"


"Pretty much yeah. It's not rocket science. Just biological science." Jack said back. "Just put it on then step through the portal thing."


"Seems simple enough. Okay." Tyler nodded as he put on the mask followed by the rest of the costume. "Feels kinda loose." he said through a muffled voice.


"Oh, that's because it hasn't filled out." Jack explained. "Then it'll be nice and real."


"Wait filled out? Nice and real? What are you saying?" Tyler asked confused and a bit scared.


"I only had a girl cockatoo costume and no one harasses cockatoo girls in the world you’re going to, so you really should be thanking me." Jack replied.


"Okay...but isn't it pretty obvious that I'm not an actual cockatoo girl considering nothing about me even looks like one."


"That's because it's not finished yet Tyler. Let the work finish doing it's before you criticize it, okay?


"What's left? Isn't this it? You're lame excuse for a disguise?" Tyler crossed his arm.


"You-you know what? Fine. Let's make this progress a bit faster than!" Jack said typing words into his console.


"Wait, but if you could make it faster and you want me to be there as soon as possible why didn't you make it happen as fast as possible to begin with?"


"I don't need you telling me about plot holes." he retorted. "Besides, I had to wait for you to put on the costume before anything else could happen. Also besides, I wanted you to admire my craftsmanship because quite frankly it's pretty good. Just try not to freak out about it okay?" Jack said, slapping his keyboard inputting some command.


Suddenly, Tyler felt his whole body go numb, unable to move it at all. "H-hey hard feelings about everything okay?" he managed to spit out nervously.


"Why are you saying that? I took it like...thieves...take...things." Jack shook his head. "The gist of it is I did a good job making this special costume and you should appreciate your the one wearing the special costume because it's special." Jack added on. "Gonna say special one more time because it's that special. Special."


"Are you done?" Tyler said quite annoyed, his eyes going wide as it sounded much more higher pitched and feminine than it ever should be. "Jack...what did you do?"


"Something special." Jack shrugged.


"Stop saying special!" Tyler shouted. "Why do I sound like a girl!?"


"Fine, whatever you say." Jack shrugged. "I told you Tyler, you're going to a be a female cockatoo to keep you safer than when you would be if I sent you in as a human male. They aren't very fond of humans."


"I thought that was what the costume was for!"


"It is, to turn you into one. They're not stupid Tyler. They would tell you’re wearing a costume so there are little...things in the costume that turn you into the costume you're wearing. It's a common trope. How have you not heard of it?"


"I didn't know it was real!" Tyler responded. "That's something you see on TV or the internet!"


"Welcome to the internet Tyler. Your changes should wrap up soon enough.


As Jack said that, Tyler felt his lips and nose fusing together, pushing out to fill the black beak in the costume, soon becoming a fully functional beak. His eyelashes became elongated as the costume now blinked with his actual eyes, since they were real now. His skin fused with the costume, the feathers on it becoming all too real. His hair vanished, replaced with the yellow tipped feathers at the top of his head. His legs hardened as they became the black avian ones on the costume. Tyler's hips flared out along with his rear, tail feathers forming behind him to fill out the costume. As Tyler's skin fused with the costume, his manhood was lost in the transition. His, more appropriately her now, chest began to swell outward, forming into breasts. As it fused with the body Tyler felt the full weight of them. The wings on the back of his arms finished fusing to his actual arms as Tyler stood a full female cockatoo anthro.


Tyler stood there for a moment, completely speechless. "I-I-..." she trailed off, talking through a beak being vastly different than lips.


"Feel free to feel yourself, that's your body after all. I won't judge. Feathers do feel nice from what others told me." Jack commented.


"You've done this before, couldn't you of gotten them? I don't want to be a girl bird!"


"It's only until Cassie sends you back here, don't worry about being stuck like this. Only going to be maybe...5 months?"


"FIVE MONTHS? ARE YOU INSANE!!??" Tyler shouted. "I don't even want to be like this for 2 minutes! Change me back now!"


"You know I wish I could but...I can't?" Jack shrugged.


"Can't or won't?"


"Can't because...the costume is programed to send you to the dimension you’re supposed to belong in to you soon? There's a mic and headset built into your skull now so I can talk to you.


"What are you-" Tyler was cut off as a small orb of light formed around her body, when it diminished she was nowhere to be found.

Written by vinomath on 13 June 2017

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