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he next day begins with a gnawing pain in your stomach that makes you realise you are yet to find any food on this station. You check the tablet to make sure that the power and oxygen levels are still green. Once you are satisfied the next job is the map. Hopefully somewhere there is a kitchen or at the very least storage.


Zooming out you eventually find a target, unfortunately it is in the section of the station that has no air. Looks like you will need to suit up again, this time even further away from the sanctuary. The patch on the hole seemingly helping the force field remain up for longer.


Once outside you hold onto the ladder and follow it to what should be the closest hole. Probably need to look out for some way of repairing this. Also your temporary patch needs work as well. But as you stomach reminds you, food first. Heading through the hole making sure your suit does not catch on any edge, you find yourself in what appears to be a bathroom, and from what your nose is telling you, your fur could use a wash. Of course as the memories remind you no air means you can't breath and even if you could the water would freeze the moment it hit vacuum


Also it appears the gravity is off in this section, reflecting for a moment how used to it you were back in the other section you continue on. At the kitchen you get both lucky and unlucky. Lucky in that you find a container of emergency rations. Unlucky in that according to the memories they are horrible tasting. Also the bodies floating , all dried from exposure to vacuum, for how long you cannot say.


If only you had your tablet you could find out what else is around here, but not wanting to lose it, you left it back in the section. Making a decision you...

Written by catprog on 03 November 2015

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