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Securing the container to your suit you begin to move back to the airlock. Despite the lack of gravity you can still feel the mass of it pulling on you. As a result by the time you get back to the airlock before it even opens you start eating the bars.


Back to the tablet, you look for a workshop or some other area with a welder and steel plates. It is time to start patching the holes permanently. First thing though, you need to find some way of carrying them. Also preferable a airlock to the rest of the station instead of having to go outside again.


You find the airlock but unfortunately it is exposed on both sides to vacuum. This means going outside for more temporary repairs and finding more air to fill the new space.
You get your trusty roll of tape and more plastic wrapping and once again head outside. You find the door leading into your section and start taping the plastic to form the way to the airlock.


Now you have an airlock inside the station but the sensors are not letting the door open into the vacuum. You will need an oxygen cylinder to fill up the space, along with testing the seal of the tape.


Written by catprog on 04 November 2015

The end (for now)
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