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Mark looked down, he didn't feel right. He was to close to the ground, and he couldn't seem to stand on his two feet but instead on his hands and feet.


He shook his head to clear it. Since when did he have huge paws for hands? He looked around freaking out. He ran back to camp, what was left of it anyways.


Once back where he had left his friends not even 30mins ago he saw two more lionesses walking into the abandoned camp.


He began to growl and the other two stopped.


It turned into a bit of a stand off for a while, each lioness growling at the other. Mark wasn't sure what it was but something in him clicked.


“Dan? John?” he merred, finding it the less threatening way to speak in his current condition.


Both lioness stopped at that and looked at each other before moving there eyes back to him.


“Mark?” One of them meowed back.


It was such an odd sound, nothing like the human words, but a purring, and yet Mark could make out his name just as he suspected the others could make out theirs.


“What happened to us?” Mark determined the one 'speaking' was Dan.


“I don't know.” Mark answered honestly. “I found a stone-” before he could go on Dan jumped in braking his train of thought.

Written by GoldenAltaira on 08 October 2017

Both Fight

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