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The white room. This time, he didn't have the luxury of losing himself in a pleasant dream before waking up. But it wasn't hurting him anymore; perhaps it was all nightmares that affected his paranoid mind and now that he was rested enough, he was free of theses hallucinations...
Or, that's what he thought, as he looked at his chest and noticed it was covered with white fur, while his arm were covered with ochre fur. So it was true and not a mere dream; shaking his head, he decided to get up and inspect what his new body reserved for him.
He could observe that he was covered from head to toe with a thick fur, one that reminded him of a fox; but since he was able to stand on two legs, he knew that he wasn't a fox. The fact that he remained able to think was also a good indication that he wasn't one. But maybe this was just folly...
Touching his head, he could feel that it wasn't human in shape anymore; the jaws were more pronounced, just like those of a fox would be. It was covered with fur, had the two characteristic pointed hears and the whiskers; he had a fox head and yet, there he was, able to hold rational thoughts.
But was he able to talk? He had to try, to see if it was still possible in his state; determined on testing it, he decided to shout his name, to see if he was able to do it. His voice resonated in the room, although it wasn't the same anymore; the fact that he was still able to talk was baffling him, but he was grateful for it...
Passing a clawed hand under his jaw, he looked behind him, only to see that he had a tail, or, as he looked closely, several tails, as he could distinguish several of them. Perhaps he could even control them with time, but for now he was a fox with multiple tails; didn't that sort of specie possess a special name for itself?
Trying to figure out the name, he wasn't able to dodge the syringe that popped out of the wall; annoyed by the high number of injections he received, he grabbed the container and tossed it against the wall before it had the chance to retract in the wall.
Tapping the floor with his newly acquired paw, he waited a moment, wondering what it was going to do to him. Passing a hand on his chest, he caressed his fur for a moment, before he felt something strange; there was something growing.
Passing his hand once more, he felt two lumps, located at the top of his chest; they were small in size, but they seemed to be increasing in size. Were they breasts? What was the purpose of giving him breasts?
Or was it the only thing that was changed in him? Passing a hand on his loins, he felt satisfied when he could touch his male genitalia, although he had the impression that something was wrong.
Waiting a moment, he noticed that his genitalia were shrinking, an element that he knew was linked to his sudden breast appearance; knowing that there was nothing he could do against it, he decided to wait a moment, to see if he was going to be a sexless being, a hermaphrodite or a woman.
Feeling the tingling in his loins, he resisted the urges to look, determined on waiting a bit, so it would be over. As it intensified, making him wish that it would be over soon, he closed his eyes and hummed away, trying to take his mind away from it.
It seem to be quite efficient, for the tingling stopped, making him look; where stood male genitalia now stood female genitalia. Although she in was fox form, it was still humanized, making her wonder if she was some sort of hybrid...
``Welcome to your new life, subject KIT-001F; do not worry if you don't understand what's going on. All will be explained in time. For now, meet the other member of what will be your future team...'' said the disembodied voice, as the door opened.
In the opening she could see a sphinx, the same gender as she was; although she never saw one before, she had the impression that she did meet that being before, but were could it she have done such a thing?
``Daniel, is that you?'' she asked, wondering is her instinct was right. When she saw the creature shake her head in a positive matter, she knew that her quest was over, but she was now trapped with her, waiting for these mysterious beings to tell them what they desired...

Written by zanian on 09 October 2014

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