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David and Pammy trudged their way through the forest cursing softly as the branches crash into their sides. They both looked around disgusted as the forest did not seem to end. The long, this trunks of the pines seemed to go on for miles, along with the short, prickly shrubs that dotted the misty landscape. David held his jaw firm as the sound of the crunching leaves below their feet spurred Pammy to stop every couple yards and swing around to check her surroundings. For a normally calm and collected girl, Pammy was quite the opposite out here.
“What’s the matter?” David asked with a coy smile. “Never been out in the woods before?”
Pammy turned and shined her flashlight in his face. “I have been to the woods before, just not without an RV. Or service.”
David covered his eyes and chuckled to himself. “Spoiled brat.”
Pammy groaned and dropped the beam to the ground. “Can we just find them? I want to get out of this hell hole as soon as possible.”
David gave a mock bow. “As you wish, your highness.”
“Very funny.”
They walked in silence for the rest of the journey. The mist seemed to be coming in droves, it was now covering their feet and moving upwards towards their ankles. Walking slower now, Pammy dropping back to David’s side, they charged forward. The trees seemed to be getting closer together, or at the forest was becoming more dense. David would have to wave his flashlight in a wide arc in front of him before moving every couple feet, Pammy close at his heels. The shrubs ripped at their jeans, the pair would have to wince and try their hardest to step carefully over them, all the while trying to avoid running into a tree.
Just as the forest grew in density, it abruptly opened up to a wide clearing. David, who arrived first, almost dropped his light in amazement. Pammy, just happy to be out of the forest, gawked at the sight before her. A large mansion stood before them. Its dark oak walls caught the moonlight at such an angle, it looked like a fresh coat of blood decorated the walls. The windows on the four stories glared down at the two, most challenging them to step forward. The large door to the mansion stood a few yards ahead, and beckoned them forward with its alluring carvings.

Written by Cole Stryker on 01 April 2015

Inside the house

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