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“So...” For a second, your mind is blank as you hold onto the smaller rabbit, staring at the final moments of the notification box with a pursed expression.


“Hmm... so, we’re meant to rescue people?” You ask, still finding it strange when your voice comes out in a lilting, feminine tone. “I guess, you’re my first rescue!”


“Oh so you have been in our land long?” Instantly, the rabbit scowls.


You give a nod, realizing they must be frustrated because of something restricted form their statement. “I understand your greeting-” You mumble, struggling to find the words that will come out of her mouth within the limitations of the MMO game everyone here is trapped within.


Heading to the town, working from your memory, you find your feet stay on the path easily and clop forward at the same steady pace no matter how much you feel like you’ve slowed down to a wandering pace.


You still find it strange, walking along, to find no weight between your thighs of your typical, male experience as instead each step has the bounce of breasts atop your chest, bobbing in the bottom line of your eye site along the entire way.


Suddenly, with a final step forward, text flashes across your vision with the name of the town. The bunny leaps off from your arms, “Thank you so much for the rescue! Good luck getting the journey that you want!” The same flitting look of annoyance showed before the bunny gave a final nod and headed off, assumingly the game ushering it off since its role in your ‘game’ had been complete.


“Now what?” You asked aloud, thinking to yourself; but before you can really think too long you feel the urge to head further into town to the tavern.


Written by Picklessauce69 on 02 June 2017


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