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“I think I’ll head to the tavern-” You find yourself saying, though you never really formed the thought, then moments later you’re off at a brisk pace initially, then at your natural walking pace once the ‘push’ from the game had faded out.


Ahead of you, the tavern stretches out. The walls are a mismatched hodgepodge of sturdy brick on the very bottom and thick, wooden planks covering up to the the thatched and wood roof. Bulky, wooden letters run across the top of the door, right above a tattered and worn awning in faded green.


You squint, spying some lanterns attached to the outside walls with dim flames flickering inside of them. Beneath, an assortment of wooden signs hang on the brick and lean back on wooden pegs to advertize ale and “Find Adventure Here!”


“Well, what the heck, right?” You give a shrug, feeling that jostle of your breasts atop your chest before you roll your eyes and try to shove on. Meeting the door, you struggle to get your tail, the thick mass of fluff, into the door with you, but finally you stumble into the room.


“Aye! Adventurer!” Shouted out a lizard leaning into the wooden surface of one table with an ale in one hand. A second later, he looked down scowling. “Why did I say that?” He muttered, looking into the surface of the golden beer with a sour, distant expression.


“So, everyone here is struggling with the game mechanics...” You realize, thinking to yourself that everyone must be somehow motivating each other’s plots. “Or maybe, some people are just there to move along other plots, like NPCs?”

Written by Picklessauce69 on 08 June 2017

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