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You stand in the room of costumes, surrounded by costumes of different animals, all of them female. You start to feel uneasy, realizing that you have no other option but to put on a costume if you want to get out of the room. As you move closer to the costumes, you notice that each one is very clearly female. You feel a bit uneasy and unsure of what to do. You're not comfortable with the idea of wearing a female costume, but you know that you need to do something to get out of this room.


You take a deep breath and pick up a goat costume. You hesitate for a moment, wondering if this is the right decision, but you know that you don't have many options. You put on the costume and feel it start to envelop your body. It's a tight fit, and you feel the fabric stretching across your skin. As you continue to put on the costume, you start to feel a strange sensation wash over you. Your muscles begin to twitch and contract, and you feel a sudden heat spreading through your body. You try to take the costume off, but it's like it's fused to your skin.


Your body starts to change. At first, it's a subtle shift, but soon, the changes become more pronounced. You feel your arms and legs elongating, and your hands and feet start to transform into cloven hooves making you unsteady on your feet at first. But as your body adjusts, you find that you are now more agile and sure-footed than ever before. The thick, soft fur that covers your skin is a warm, comforting sensation, and you find that you enjoy running your hands over your newly-formed limbs and the new fur on your skin.


Your once-masculine frame is becoming more slender and curvy, with your hips widening and your waist tapering in. You feel a strange pressure in your chest, and when you look down, you see two small bumps starting to form. You're confused and a little scared, but you can't deny the exhilarating rush of power that courses through your veins. As you watch in the mirror, you see your breasts continuing to expand, growing larger and rounder by the second. The sensation is both foreign and thrilling, as you feel the weight of them against your chest. It's hard to focus on anything else, and you find yourself getting distracted by the sensation of them bouncing with every movement you make. As the transformation reaches its peak, you let out a cry of pain and surprise. When you open your eyes again, you find yourself staring at a pair of massive breasts that have grown to an almost ridiculous size. You're completely taken aback by the sight of them, unable to believe that they're a part of your new body.


As the transformation nears its completion, you start to notice the room around you begining to shift and change, transforming before your eyes. The walls, floor, and ceiling start to warp and contort, and before you know it, you find yourself standing in a spacious barn.


The musty smell of hay and manure fills your nostrils, and you can hear the rustling of animals in nearby stalls. Looking around, you see bales of hay stacked in one corner, while water troughs and feeding bins line the walls. Sunlight streams in through the windows, casting long shadows across the wooden planks of the floor. It's a strange and disorienting experience, but you find yourself adjusting quickly to your new surroundings. You realize that this must be the world of the goat people, and that you are now one of them.


As you take your first tentative steps in your new form, you notice that the other goat people in the barn are giving you curious glances. They seem friendly enough, but you can sense that they're aware of your status as a newcomer. You can't help but feel a little self-conscious, with your new chest getting a lot of unwelcome attention

Written by on 26 April 2023

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